Has anyone heard the Pass Labs Rushmore's?

The Rushmores are self powered 4 ways with Pass's best amps built right into the cabinet. I Heard they're around $30,000, then I heard around $45,000. Don't have a Pass dealer near here anymore so I was wondering...
I heard them at CES . They weigh the same as my house if i remember correctly. Show conditions are usually atrocious and their setup was cramped and I feel I did not get a fair appreciation of them. Sonic qualities were a stunningly solid output from the bass and good depth presentation. Wish I could help more but they interest me too. Also, build quality and finish was stunning.
I am a Pass dealer located in Connecticut and I have had a pair of Rushmore's for the past six months. If anyone would like to contact me to arrange an audition or talk about the speakers I would be happy to do so. The retail price is $45,000.00.
I own a pair of Rushmore's. Previously I had a pair of Avalon Eidolons and several pairs of British designed loudspeakers including Quad electrostatics. These are the most enjoyable for jazz. They combine the transparency of the electrostatics with imaging of the Avalons and liveliness of JBL or Wilsons. Terribly ruthless when it comes to revealing upstream components and could sound colored by them if improperly matched.

I think it is a sleeper, but a future classic, since auditioning is difficult and reviews rare.