Has Anyone Heard the new version of the Tekton Impact yet?

They look super cool and have a full range frequency response down to 20 (+/-? db). https://www.tektondesign.com/impact.html
Hmmm...I'm really surprised that this design isn't using the 7 tweeter circle, because I though that was supposed to be where the magic in the design was. I was obviously wrong. 
it amazes me how often new models are introduced. that guy Erik must be a real mad scientist, a person with a restless, creative mind. I'm so impressed and I'm not a Tekton owner or fan...just my observation.
There are several models on his website, so many it makes my head spin! I will admit that I'd like to hear each one.
If you are looking for a wall of sound ,a good buy but please keep in m8nd a Cheap Xover as well as drivers, owning a Audiostore 
for years until 08 I can tell you rule of thumb on average 25% of the price of the product on average goes into it, $25 tweeters retail cost , refinement or precision ,not happening, a good rock ,or rap 
speaker ,a good speaker for that. I have heard the double impacts 
several times ,not my cup of tea I enjoy refinement and naturalism 
at all volume levels and a variety of music types. That is just my opinion . Ona verylimited budget ,and over 10 drivers plus cabinet 
and Xover the Xover and drivers are the limiting factor .
if you just want to play mailnly heavy metal or rock and play it loud 
then you may like them especiallly the younger guys. Others will enjoy 
I just purchased Tekton Enzo Xl and am very pleased with them, overall they do a wide variety of music extremely well.I really like naturalism and life like presentation and these speakers do it especially at what I listen to mostly jazz and jazz fusion.
Audioman 58 respectfully disagree, I have the impact monitor connected to sub, and I like them a lot, and bought one more tekton ps speakers, after hearing them at Teajay, I also own Andra Eggleston speakers, no hurry to reconnect them, Iam enjoying the ps so much...and my impact monitors...what components are they using when you listened to the double impact?
OH NO..NOT ANOTHER TEKTON THREAD...just kiddin,I thought I would get that in before the Trolls.I had Pendragons[my Avatar is the Custom Pendragon Coat Of Arms T-shirt I had made up] and currently have Mlores and Lore References
I thought the Impact was an older design that came before the Double Impact.
I have the Impact Monitors and they are excellent with all types of music.
One thing that would be great is if Tekton would provide more nuanced descriptions of their loudspeakers so that we could get a better of idea of what the Impact might sound like as compared, for example with the new Perfect Set 15 or updated Enzo.