Has anyone heard the new Simaudio Moon P-8 Preamp?

I'd be interested in knowing how it sounds in comparison to the similarly priced ARC REF3, or BAT 51SE.
Yes, I listened to it at my local dealer. I can't afford it (I use a P-5 at home), but it is the best preamplifier I have ever heard. When Sim claimed quiet, that must have been an understatement. This pre is so quiet you think it's turned off, and the music seems to come from a black hole. I've never heard anything like it. It beat the Pass stuff they have, and slew the big Musical Fidelity. Watch out though - it's a big two chassis preamp, and weighs something like 80 pounds or so. Make sure you have room for it. I think it's a giant killer.

I don't know how it compares to the other pre's you're asking about, but I'm sure it is less colored than both, giving a less forgiving, but more accurate rendition of what's on the recording. I hear that professional studios really like the P-8 for mastering use.

I'm waiting for the only dealer in Illinois to get the new product line in. Picked up some product literature just last night (shipping weight 74 lbs- heavy duty).
Anyone heard the P-7? The integration capabilities presented by the RS232 port are intriguing to me...

Right now I'm using an ARC LS-16 Mk II tube preamp. Its driving a pair of passively bi-amped ARC VT100s. Sources are an Esoteric DV-50s and PC run though a dCS Purcell/Delius combo. Digital wiring is Kimber Orchid, balanced wiring is Kimber AGDL, and speakers wires are Kimber Monocle XL. What differences might I expect with a P-7 or P-8 on the front end?