Has anyone heard the new PrimaLuna tube CD player?

Not even sure if dealers have received this item yet..............but if they have and you have heard it, any impressions?

i heard the prima luna at ces 2007, as part of an all prima luna system.

the overall sound was not tube-like in the classic sense. i couln't detect a tube or solid state signature. there was no romance. bad recordings sounded bad. in short, the presentation was close to neutral.
Looks interesting. I didn't see an on/off or standby switch, so I wonder if it is on all the time or maybe goes to some sort of standby when you press stop. I also didn't see anything about the transport used, or the price.
I was at the show also, but I wouldnt give credit or demerits to anything heard at a show, too many issues to get an accurate demo. You cant deny great sound, but bad sound should be atleast given the benefit of the doubt.
The power switch is on the side like the other PrimaLuna stuff. HERE is a nice big pic.