Has anyone heard the new OPPO BDP-83SE

If the price/performance ratio of this $899 player (as listed on OPPO's web site) is comparable to their past offerings this should be the mother of all giant killers.

At what bit rate does DSD converse to? Is it 16/88.2 or 24/88.2?
Not sure whether 16 or 24, but 88.2 via Oppo is confirmed.
Hey Guy;

Learn any more about this?

I have same questions


I received at 83SE. I'm posting to set my start date with it: tonight. I'll have to give it time.
I had the Cambridge 840C, incidentally. While I appreciated its clarity, it was "polite". The sound did not project forward as it does in a good hall in life. It was as though there were a force field around it. While I appreciate that, it's NOT how music sounds live. I have yet to hear a horn played that didn't project forward towards the audience. It was very low noise; however, music is not an academic exercise. It is feeling, it is power (the type of music being played allowed, of course) and it is rarely "contained" unless the composer wrote it so. Keep that in mind rather than "bass", "midrange" and treble comments.
Mphnkns, you are correct in the horns penetrating out into the room and the feeling of them being forward. But, if everything else is doing this then there is no depth and the sound becomes compressed. The Oppo has the dynamics and a lot of potential but is very suseptible to micro vibration and rfi. It is revealing but a little thin in the midrange and smallish stage as a stock unit. Modding the unit and adding nice cabling changes things drastically. I personally don't like syrupy and polite sounding cdp's. I would rather find a way to add a more full and lush midrange to a revealing player. No doubt the player has feeling and character and I can't say this regarding a lot of other cdp's.