Has anyone heard the new Led Zeppelin Live cd

I'm curious if the sound is of any quality.
It is remarkable, Page did a terrific job mastering. Everything is in balance; Moon's drumming is hectic and effective, Jones' bass lines are rock solid (Dazed and Confused is out of this world) and Plant's vocals are pure if not a bit edgy at times. The one understated part of the mix oddly enough is Jimmy's guitar, almost like he wanted to play it down some. He may have tried to de-emphasize his contribution but still stood out all the same. Zep was an incredible band, this release is a true testament to how well they melded on stage!
John Bonham played with Zep. Keith Moon played with The Who...

If the CD is anything like the DVD, the quality is astonishing. I didn't think any rock concert recorded in the 1970's could sound as good as the Zep DVD. Highly recommended.

I stand corrected, blame the beer. By the way, I own the DVD and CD and for the most part prefer the CD but both are worth owning!
I agree the sound quality is excellent on this CD.
Sounds great , DVD will blow you away!
Thanks so much for the feedback. I'll pick the recording today! I'm a big Zeppelin fan. Have seen them in concert 2 times!

picked it up this morning & heard the first disc in the car, it absolutely smokes so far, "black dog" is incredible.
To be clear: the CD and the DVD do not overlap at all. They are from different concerts, with the CD representing just two shows, in LA, and the DVD covering their entire career. An astonishing amount of material that I am looking forward to unpacking literally for years to come. I can't wait to hear the renewed influence of Zep on present and future bands as a result of these releases.
Devils advocate: 25 minute versions of even great Zep tunes is a bit over the top...Im a huge fan...but alot of this seems very self-indulgent wankery(like most live 70s lps)...and Im sure it was a great show...but I still prefer the production and previty of the studio lps....
Phasecorrect I agree-there are aspects that have dated badly particularly Moby Dick imho.
However overall it's so much more energised and less flabby than The Song Remains The Same..
"self indulgent wankery". I'm going to commit that phrase to memory for future usage :-) Thanks phasecorrect ! Methinks that phrase could be applied liberally around modern jazz, modern art , audiphilia, etc etc.

BTW I looked on amazon and I could only find a DVD ... seeing as I have no DVD player what's the CD title, or number ?

Thanks Sean
The new CD is entitled "How the West was Won". I thought the sound quality was better on the acoustic stuff than the electric. Overall I thought the sound on this baby was good but not great.
I am enjoying it very much. In all honesty, while I have listened to it several times through my 2-channel system, I have yet to watch more than a half-hour of it. It is a great listen.