Has anyone heard the NEW Kef Reference speakers

Has anyone heard the NEW Kef Reference speakers and what is your opinion of them? Especially interested in hearing your opinion of the 3's and 5's. How do they compare to the older models of Kefs? Thanks.
I'm also wondering..
When did these ome out and idea on pricing?
They may be great , I haven't heard them.
All the ones I have heard made in China are far below the
level of the old made in England Classics . And as I was a KEF man for 20 years it pains me to say that.

KEF is not just made in China, it is a Chinese company.
Here is some info:
Guys, they are outstanding. The best speaker I have heard in my price range. Imaging is incredible. The build, technology and sound are first class.

I ordered the Reference 1s on November 3rd or so. I expected delivery the end of December but called KEF a few days ago and now looks like maybe closer to the end of January. They did not expect the initial qty of orders are are fulfilling customer orders before dealer demo orders. They are also building in bulk by finish. Black, Rose and then Walnut. Mine are walnut so that put me deeper in queue.

I will report back with my thoughts after finally getting them. The Reference 5s were outstanding as well. I needed the 4c center as well so to get both the L/R/C and stands was top of my budget. I think the Reference 1s and REL B1 sub will be just fine.

I can't wait and these are my first KEFs ever. They had to be good to get me to switch from Dynaudio. I am very loyal and love Dynaudio but the KEFs were too outstanding to ignore. Love the sound! The looks the whole package.

More to come whenever they come. This is the longest I have waited for speakers at around three months if they come closer to February. Worth the wait me thinks!

I'm thinking of a pair if Reference 3.. And fyi the Reference series are built and designed in England, not China.. And also fwiw I have a pair of R300's and they may be made in China but they sure don't look it or sound like it!
What about bookshelves?
What is the cost of this new speaker..
Check the link that Toddnkaya sent. It has the price.
Another review:

Anyone looking for pricing on Kef speakers need only to go to their web site http://www.kefdirect.com/links/kef-reference-series-loudspeakers.html
Has anyone else besides me ordered these yet or better yet received them? I have been in queue since 11/04/14 (order date).

I really want my Reference 1s!