Has Anyone Heard the New Gryphon Ethos CD Player

I see Gryphon recently unveiled their new CD Player,  the Ethos.  Has anyone heard it live and if so what are your impressions and comparisons?
I heard a 30 minute demo at Axpona, the whole system was north of a million dollars, as expected it was amazing. Hard to tell how the CDP would be in a more down to earth system. It was engineered to the highest level as one would expect. I do find it interesting that many say the CD is dead, Gryphon doesn't seem to think so. 
Also heard it at Axpona and the “system” was wonderful but as @toneranger said hard to tell what the Ethos was doing. I can tell you I was not impressed with how the top loader closed, was not very smooth for such an expensive unit.
I heard the demo at AXPONA as well and like toneranger said, the whole system was brilliant and it should be, costing well north of $100K. 

If you’re considering the Ethos player, your dealer should bring the player in your home for demo. At full retail of aprox. $30K, the home demo is pretty much expected. 
Let me ask this question, what separates The Gryphon Ethos from say a high-end Sim Audio or Cambridge Audio CD Player?  Let me preface by saying I respect the manufacturing differences between high-end CD Player manufacturers like Ayon, Esoteric, dCS, and Gryphon.  But what would the average audiophile with a limited human range of hearing benefit from this?  You don't have to give the specs, but in terms of the tonality, and other sound quality aspects or maybe some subtle differences you've heard compared to other higher end CD Players?

My question is rooted in the fact that CD players are becoming an antiquated non-linear format so why would a person spend northwards of $25K for one?

I'm also asking because the other components may be a stronger influence on sound quality as well, i.e., cables, interconnects, transducers, dampening, room treatments, etc.