Has anyone heard the new edge cdp?

Just would like to know as this player is something I would like to hear. i would like any feed back anyone would be offering
Ashsmith, I would recommend you give a call to Neli at Audio Federation, they are Edge dealers, who will provide the information you are seeking regarding this CDP.

Neli and Mike are both great people who will give you honest feedback, are very knowledgable, and never try to sell anything, but help people get what they are looking for, regardless if they sell it or not.
I heard the Edge CD player at CES in the Edge room. I overheard Harry Pearson talking in the Edge room telling them it was one of the best that he heard. I plan on getting one myself in the near future but I just purchased the G2 preamp and a pair of G8 AV amps which are breaking in as I write this.
Thanks for the info guys. I am really interested in this cdp as I have heard edge equiptment and really liked it. In fact I got a chance to listen to Steve Norber's system at his house in Denver. Awesome!!! Anyway thanks for the help. I will definitely give those guys a call.
I just purchased one and will post a lengthy review in a few weeks after the holiday season. So for now, I'll use the terms fast, clear, timely, evenly balanced, stunning looks, 3d imaging, and cheap remote to describes its character. Overall, it plays what is on the disk and doesn't add anything but does so in a very musical way. It has great acoustic presence. It loves to rock but can be gentle if required. It is power cord sensitive.