Has Anyone heard the new CEC 3300r?

I'm very interested in the new version of this not-expensive cdp-
All input is appreciated-
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Its a very good player for the money, very well built and real heavy. Go here and read a review.
download the issue 77 in pdf format , and go to page 42.
Definitely a best buy in it's price point. I had one that I traded up for from a Cambridge Audio 640C. Much better high end resolution yet natural without being too forward or aggressive. WAY better soundstaging and accuracy. Cambridge had a better bass output but wasn't accurate, just that British warm fuzzing bass bloom where the CEC was more careful and accurate and balanced. It wasn't long before i was hooked on the CEC sound and ended up trading up to the CEC TL51XR belt drive. Now then you're talking sophistication but there isn't a massive difference from the 3300r though.