Has anyone heard the new Audiopax preamp?

How does the Audiopax compare with the Pass and Edge preamps?
Audiopax room at THE Show 2005 was crazy good. Don't know about the other preamps, but the sound was natural, detailed, dynamic, full bodied and VERY desirable in that room. I'd rate it one of the top 3 rooms of both CES and THE if not the best. The sound did change slightly and didn't sound as good toward the end of the show however. Don't know the reason.
I second the above post. The Audiopax room was one of my top 3 at CES/THE. It seemed to combine both musical and analytical qualities into one system, a very rare thing. I visited a couple times just to listen. I asked the rep what item I should buy to get my system to sound more like what I was hearing there, and he recommended the Pre. The pre and power amps have an adjustment called Timbre Lock, which is intended to match components together, so that you can dial in system synergy with a wide variety of components. If I didn't know any better, I'df say this sounds gimmicky or hoakey, but having heard the wonderful sound in that room, I instead have to say they really know what they're doing. I intend to audition the Audiopax pre soon (if I can stop shovelling snow!)
I too was very impressed by the quality of the sound in the audiopax room. It was extremely musical, and the room I most enjoyed spending time in. I think the preamp had a lot to do with it as I have heard the other components before. It was only ok in appearance and the remote was simple but if the sound is what counts, it is superb. Compared to the edge I found it much more emotionally involving though I did not compare the two in the same system. Hope this helps
The system sounded awful, just awful. The tweeter announced itself from outside the room. Why the disparity of opinion? Maybe the other posters aren't professional musicians who know what instruments really sound like. I do and the Audiopax room didn't come close.