Has anyone heard the new Audio Technica AT-OC9X series of cartridges?

Many of you have probably heard that a new series of Audio Technica AT-OC9 cartridges have been released.  Has anyone either bought or heard any of them yet?
Hi, just noticed your post. I bought the OC9XSL which is the top of the OC9X line and it's a wonderful cartridge. In my humble opinion it bests cartridges I've owned which cost twice as much. 
Save up and get the AT ART 9, I spent the evening listening to one recently and was very impressed (Impressed enough I ordered one). there was also an OC 9 in the mix but an older one but it was quite obvious how much better the ART 9 is. 
The pinnacle of AT-OC9X series was limited edition ART 2000 released 19 years ago on millenium. Great cartridge! It was made ONLY for Japanese market. 
A friend had an ART 9, which was damaged by his cleaning lady.  He went back to an old OC9 that he found was quite good, much to his surprise.  He found it just as good as his ART 9.  Just different.
Alwho2, thank you for your response on the OC9XSL.  That was the model that I was looking at.  I just didn't want to go into the purchase completely blind, or deaf in this case.
Hi samh. My OC9XSL replaced a Dynavector 20X2L in my system. The OC9XSL is quieter with less surface noise. The tonal balance is more accurate. The channel separation is amazing. The cartridge body is threaded for easy mounting.  

My OC9XSL is on the new Technics SL-1200GR turntable. My phono preamp is a John Curl designed JC3.

I bought the cartridge at the beginning of the summer and It continues to amaze and delight me. Sinatra, Muddy Waters, Gillian Welch, Bill Evans, Bod Dylan... whatever the music the reproduced sound is always natural, balanced, and lifelike. 

When I bought my cartridge there were no hands on reviews and I still can't find one. I gambled and I won.  I'm not a reviewer so I'll leave that for Mike Fremmer. I'll just say that this is not my first audio rodeo and I'm very very pleased with the OC9XSL. 
alwho - I will have an SL-1200G delivered soon and currently looking at a suitable cartridge for the turntable. The OC9XSL is a definite option.
Can you tell me if you are using the stock Technics headshell?

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Hi and apologies for taking so long to see your question. Yes I am using the stock Technics headshell with my SL-1200GR. It's May, 2020 now and I'm still enjoying the OC9XSL cartridge. It's a great combination. Neutral, detailed and dynamic without ever sounding analytical or sterile. Excellent imaging and soundstaging with Harbeth P3ESR speakers. The turntable and cartridge play music :)
Audiophiles should pay more attention to Audio Technical products in general IMHO. They tend to provide very good sound for good value. 
Audiophiles should pay more attention to Audio Technical products in general IMHO. They tend to provide very good sound for good value.

Definitely, they've been doing it for decades, great brand
Sorry to revive an old thread but I'm currently looking at the OC9XSL cartridge for my Sl-1200GR. I noticed AT are doing aluminium headshells specifically for this series of carts in different weights. There's a 13, 15 and 18g option. Which would go best with the cart and Technics arm? 
Headshells make a sonic difference, so in the extreme case of audiophile nervosa one would select a headshell not just  based on its weight but also based on the materials of which it is made, which affects the sound quality. Therefore, you might want to start with the question of what is the weight of the headshell in the technics tone arm, because apparently the cartridge works well at that headshell weight, just in terms of the net effective mass. Select the AT headshell that approximates the weight of the OEM headshell. Since the headshell contributes in a major way to the overall effective mass of the tonearm, you can’t just select a head shell based on its weight alone, without considering the tone arm to which you plan to attach it.
Just out of curiosity, how does the Shibata-stylus'ed OC9XSH compare to the OC9XSL?  I have been a fan of Shibata carts and am interested on hearing about the OC9X version.