Has anyone heard the new AA Capitole 24/192 Mk II?

I've had the Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 (with the improved remote) for about half a year and now there's a Mk II version out. Has anyone had the chance to compare these two players? What are the changes in sound/sonics; what's improved; is it worth to upgrade; any trade-in programs available, etc?

Also, I would be grateful for any feedback and impressions on the Burmester CD001 (and how this compares/contrasts with the Capitole and other leading non-tube cd players).

Many thanks!
From what I've heard the MkII's haven't arrived in NA yet. Tues or Wed they should hit this side of the pond. Then we(dealers,backorders) will get them by the end of next week earliest. It's been a hell of a wait. I hope it will deliver the goods.
We heard the same thing (we will get our floor model late next week). Will it better the best? Stay tuned - the entire North American audiophile community will be sure to post their listening impressions ... simultaneously it seems like :-)
first unit arrived at a Paris dealer last week. They'll get the first batch for customers on the 16th of may (of which i am part). Seems there is a SERIOUS problem in Audio Aero's evaluation of demand out there !!
Well, I guess no one in the states has received one yet. Figure the East Coast will get them a few days before the rest of us out here in the Wild Frontier... :-)

{Sound of foot tapping impatiently - to the tune of Fleetwood Mack "Green Manalishi" :-))) }