Has Anyone heard the New 200 gram CSNY "Deja Vu"?

I would like to know has anyone compared the MFSL Release to the New 200 gram Classic Records Release & what do they think?
Ordered and on its way, stay tuned...
Listening to it as I type this. "Carry On" is playing. Lots more bass, good spread of instruments left to right and vocals in the center. Surface very clean and quiet. Cover is a magnificent repro. Best yet: the memories of listening to the original back in the day...
Allman's LP arrived in the same shipment. Have not listened it it yet.
It arrived yesterday. Unpacked it, took it over to the VPI 16.5 for a quick clean with Record Research fluid, vacuumed it and put it on the table. Cued the stylus onto the leadin groove of Carry On and loe and behold, a nasty short ski jump of a warp once per revolution that sent my Koetsu heading toward the ceiling.


Called Elusive Disc and they are sending a replacement. I will have pay for the return shipment of the defective pressing.

This is the second pressing I have pruchased by Classic Records that had a defect on the lead in (nasty noise on a Louis Armstrong recording).

Stay tuned.
At 40 bucks plus shipping I think they're a little pricey. Classic records is going out of the mail order biz after this weekend. I think elusive disc has this for 36 and free shipping. If someone ships you a defective disc the return shipping should be on them. Otherwise you're paying for their mistake.
Let me preface my comments by saying "Deja Vu" is one of my all time favorite albums.
The Classic release was planned long ago but was delayed for some time so I decided to fork out some heavy dough for a mint MFSL copy. Wow! Now I know why it's one of the most sought after MFSL titles. The sound is incredible. Very full, very detailed and great vocal and instrument separation. The bass was stupendous as well. I compared it to the Japanese CD version and there was no contest. The MFSL vinyl blew it away. The CD was lifeless.
I recently purchased the new Classic release and to sum it up, I was disappointed. It's very good but not as rich sounding as the MFSL. The tape hiss is also much more prevalent on the Classic. I put the MFSL copy back on and heard and enjoyed so much more.
I recently got back into vinyl and have purchased many Classic LPs and find them exceptional, especially the first Crosby Stills and Nash LP. This one just didn't do it for me. I'll still play it (especially after paying 36 bucks) but for serious musical listening, I'll go back to the MFSL.
OK, the replacement arrived and is not warped. I cleaned it first with RR Deep cCleaner and followed that by two cleanings of RR Super Wash, using a VPI 16.5.

My analog front end is a VPI Aries 2 (inverted bearing), JMW 10.5, Keotsu Urushi, Krell KPE reference.

There is a bit of hiss on the lead in on both sides, nothing that exceeds the original 1971 Atlantic release but I expected less for the $39.99 I paid.

The bass overall is a bit more boomy than than the remastered CD but not unpleasantly so. The is excellent articulation in the acoustic guitars and the vocals come through very clearly. The piano on Country Girl is stuning in the detail; it's as though they went back to the multitrack and pushed it up a bit in the mix. It's not distracting, it's just that i notice it more now than before. Dynamically the sonics pull me in. A musician friend of mine commented that it was the most musical sounding version of Deja Vu he's heard.

For the most part I am happy. The restored album graphics and texture is professionally done and overall I believe that I have a "fresh" copy of the original album.

I'll bet that MFSL sounds great though Telemoli. I have Steely Dan's Aja on MFSL and it is simply amazing, so dynamic and quiet. Wish they would begin manufacturing vinyl again.
I stand corrected: apparently MFSL is touting three new vinyl releases by John Lennon (Imagine), Isaac Hayes and Aimee Mann.