Has anyone heard the Musical Fidelity KW750

I am looking for an amplifier with outstanding bass, tight focus and detail. I am not looking for etched sound or upper midrange brightness. Please let me hear what you know.
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It would be helpfull to know the rest of your system, that said. I will try and answer both your amp and pre amp posts here. I have spent a few hours with both the KW pre and KW750 amp but not in my system. The speakers were Sonus Faber Cremona the front end was the KW DM25 Transport and DAC. My over all impression of the system was that the highs were a touch on the bright side. The mids, mid bass and bass were just fine.

Now this could have been anything in the chain from the front end to the cables or even that the equipment was not completly broken in. I have heard the Cremona with the MF A5 integrated and A5 CDP and the sound was execelent.

The showroom was recently redesigned by Rives Audio. So I think you can discount the room as the problem with the highs.

Sorry for not being more specific but without knowing what other equipment you are going to use and the room it is going in it is difficult to give an opinion.

I will say I love my MF A308 Integrated and TriVista DAC. They integrate very well in my system.

Ok Last of all but not least at a grand total of 15K for the pair if you have to take a trip. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is coming up here in Denver on the 20th, 21st & 22nd. If you come for the show they may have the KW there and if not there is an Audio Salon in town that has it setup in their show room.

Good luck in your search and get out there and listen for your self.
My system is the following:

I- pair Von Schewikert VR 5 HSE speakers
1- Musical Fidelity DM-25 transport and D/A
The Amp and the preamp are the items that I am looking for. Items that I am considering are the Bat 51SE Preamp, and the Musical Fidelity KW Preamp.
Please let me know what thoughts you have. I really need some input. Thanks for everyones cooperation.
Moscode 401HR. I run one with Von Schweikert VR4 GenIII HSE with excellent results. It has all the qualities you mentioned in your original post.