Has anyone heard the Music Hall RDR-1 radio?

How does it compare to the Tivoli or Boston?


It's definately up there with the Tivoli and the Boston. I find these radios are very similar with slightly different characteristics. The Tivoli is rich sounding, the Boston is bassy but in a nice way and the Music Hall RDR is somewhere inbetween probably closer to the Tivoli sonically but it does the clock, alarms and other functions like the Boston Acoustic Receptor. I use the RDR1 as my alarm clock , the Boston Acoustic Receptor in the kitchen and I have a Tivoli both at work as well as in my bedroom. The RDR is basically the Sangean W2 radio with a few tweaks by Music Hall. The RDR1 is more expensivethan the W2 but I have not heard the Sangean to compare. They are all nice in their own way.