Has anyone heard the modified TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V

I was viewing a previous thread on this forum regarding the TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V SACD player, but it is now gone. Has anyone had experience with this Sony SACD player?

Sorry for the hi-jack-
I recently received my 595 back from TRL.
Does anyone have an idea of the burn in time that is necessary before I'm getting "most" of the character of my new machine?

300 hours for basic signature to develop and another 200 hours of gradual changes after that.

With regard to the different "paths" between CD/SACD:

WOuld you say 300 hrs on CDs and an additional 300 on SACDs?
Doesn't matter. Play whatever you want.
Unless I am mistaken the break in length is more on the analog output stage, power supply, and the hardwire parts so either format is fine.
I would simply fill up the changer with both and set on repeat.
The player is programmed to stop after so many repeats of all the discs if I recall, so you have to restart it.

Very very nice player and great value.
Make sure you are using a decent power cord with it.
Has anyone recently received the battery powered version of this mod and what are your impressions? Bob