Has anyone heard the modified TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V

I was viewing a previous thread on this forum regarding the TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V SACD player, but it is now gone. Has anyone had experience with this Sony SACD player?

I've heard nothing but wonderful things regarding this player. The thread you are referring to has been moved to the "reviews" section of this site.

The thread was moved to under reviews, which is one persons opinion. I have heard this machine, and in fact bought one 2nd hand, and sold it. MO is that it is very musical analog sounding player, that is very very good in it's price range. The treble is rolled off a bit, mid bass a little weak, and low bass a touch boomy. I TT another fellow who sold his for 700 on Audiogon, who preferred his Audio Mirror Dac. I still have my TRL 595, for the resale is too low for me to part with it. There are tons of very high grade players on the market today. The player this reminded me most of is the Eastern Electric Minimax, which only plays redbook/hdcd, but, has tubes to roll. I suggest you find a place to hear it for yourself, and then LET YOUR EARS DECIDE. I am obsessive in this search for digital, and have owned over 40 sources in the past few years. I let my ears decide.

Best of luck in your journey
The review, or at a rave review by Clio09, is down below, 10-15 listings earlier. Good reading.
I have heard the unit twice at Brian Kyle's house and have one coming to me that will have the battery power supply mod. This is an extremely musical player. It is well worth an audition especially since it is at no-risk with the TRL guarantee. I also own a TRL modified Audio Mirror DAC and Alesis ML9600 (used as a transport with the DAC) so my experience with TRL is credible.

Rlxl - curious, what review were of mine were you referring to?
711smilin, if the one TRL mod 900 you bought were the one sold twice in the past few weeks for $700 in condition 7/10, I believe that one still has the very original mod, not the latest extensive version. I remembered the original seller also mentioned it in his post. I preassume you bought it the second owner. [I believe you can still pull out the post using goolgle cached search]. After reading some good reviews, I was trying hunt one down myself to see what all the buzz is about for quite some weeks ago. I agree in-person audition will be an excellent idea for it will give us a good idea whether we like the 'house' sound or not. Please keep sharing about your discovery in the digital venture. It is also a pleasure to read your reviews on digital gears.

Hifying, if you can arrange one to bring home for audition, that would the best. I was trying to locate the same thread in the last couple days with no avail. In the article, it seems to allude the possibility of arranging a demo unit from TRL. That may be something worth investigating. Regardless which manufacture it is, we still can't negelect the system synergy factor. :) The best way to check it out would still be to plug the equipment of interest in your own rig. The challenge I see in buying the modded player second handed is to make sure we are getting a unit with the latest revision mod as all companies seem to keep perfecting their ideas and mod principles. Please keep us posted regarding the progress of your venture. Thanks all for sharing.
The one that I heard at Brian Kyle's house was the very first one modified, the prototype made for the CES show. Since then the mod has been refined even further, to now include a battery supply option (additional cost). If the prototype sounds as musical as my ears told me it did, I can't wait to hear the latest version, which will be the one I am getting with the battery supply. I too would be happy to entertain anyone willing to travel to Santa Barbara, CA to hear the unit. If you're near me I could possibly travel to you so you can hear the unit in your system.
The previous review was moved to the review section of Audiogon.
I almost gave up on this mod and tried a power cord today that a friend had laying around. The difference was startling! Before trying this different power cord I was getting very little bass and the music had a distant quality to it. This has all evaporated with the new Power cord. I spoke with Paul of TRL today and he confirmed that this unit is extremely power cord sensitive. I am going to purchase one of their power cords to insure that I am hearing the unit as it was meant to be heard. I am anxious to get feedback from others who have done the battery option.
I have the battery powered TRL 900 coming to me. It is my intent to use a CRL Silver power cord on the player for the transport and digital stage. The battery power supply from what I have heard only applies to the analog (output) stage. I will use a Volex power cord for the battery supply since the only thing it will do is charge the battery. During playback the AC will be disconnected (although a switch will let you keep it connected if you want to trickle charge the battery).
I would love to hear your thoughts on the battery option. Paul said that it is supposed to take the player to a new level. Bob

I have the modded TRL SOny 900 unit w/o the battery option.
What power cord/gauge were you using and what did you switch to from your friend?

I use a Ven Haus Audio power cord with good results.
In addition to the CRL Silver, I'm also going to try my VH Audio Flavor 4 which has been great on my TRL Audio Mirror DAC.
This is a reference player without a doubt. As most have heard by now they had to drag the reviewers out of the room this player was being demonstrated at the CES show. If one decides to get the battery pack option, forget the number. Nothing on the planet currently can compete with this unit modded to the max. Take it for what it is worth!
It is an older power cord. It is a MAS power master. Bob
You should hear the Sony 900 with the CRL power cord. Even with the battery supply ...

I recently switched out the power cord I was using on the TRL/Sony 900V (3rd generation mod by my estimates) and was also startled by the change it brought. Many of the increases in performance Paul has mentioned that will come with his next mod to my unit (DC, just can't beat it!), manifested with the power cord switch. I've known for some time the critical nature of power cords and your power "system" in general, but the dramatic nature of this increase in audio dynamics and quality was unique and very pleasing :-)
Sorry for the hi-jack-
I recently received my 595 back from TRL.
Does anyone have an idea of the burn in time that is necessary before I'm getting "most" of the character of my new machine?

300 hours for basic signature to develop and another 200 hours of gradual changes after that.

With regard to the different "paths" between CD/SACD:

WOuld you say 300 hrs on CDs and an additional 300 on SACDs?
Doesn't matter. Play whatever you want.
Unless I am mistaken the break in length is more on the analog output stage, power supply, and the hardwire parts so either format is fine.
I would simply fill up the changer with both and set on repeat.
The player is programmed to stop after so many repeats of all the discs if I recall, so you have to restart it.

Very very nice player and great value.
Make sure you are using a decent power cord with it.
Has anyone recently received the battery powered version of this mod and what are your impressions? Bob
Mine should be shipped this week. There have been a couple of new developments with the battery power modification over the last few weeks. I would suggest you speak to TRL to get accurate details. From my understanding the changes have a very positive impact on the player.
I talked at length with TRL today about the revised full mod with battery power option. I have the basic mod on this unit and it is an extremely enjoyable player as it is.
I am going to try and make a trip to Chicago to hear the full mod with the battery option in a couple weeks. They feel it makes this player quite special. (All modders say this of course), but for Paul to be this excited with his 30+ years of experience is a telling sign.

Will post something if I do hear the full battery mod.
Let us know your thoughts when you receive the TRL Sony. Bob
I have been away for a few days. Has anyone else received the battery option for the TRL Sony 900?
They are still working on mine. Hopefully it will be shipped this week. There are three or four of us initially who will be receiving this player that has the latest developmeents in the battery supply mod. According to Paul it is going to improve the performance significantly.
Wondering again if anyone has recently received their battery option TRL Sony 900 and what are the impressions of this upgrade? Bob
I haven't received mine yet. I will post something when I get it.
Anything new on the battery powered version? Bob
Has anyone else heard the battery TRL Unit yet? Bob
Hi Bob,

I just received a newly modified battery powered TLR Sony 900V... and have about 100 hours of break-in on it... and all I can say is that it sounds amazing!!!

I have my well loved non-battery powered TRL Sony 900V to compare it to... and the battery powered version is in another league. Better resolution, transparency, dynamics, openness, bass control, and midrange... even more musical than the non-battery powered TRL Sony 900V that I raved about in a previous Audiogon review.

TRL has done an excellent job with this player... and the performance improvements have been well worth the wait and additional cost. Highly recommended!!!

I have quite a bit of cables to make this weekend... and will give a more detailed review/evaluation later next week.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Brian Kyle
Xtreme Cables LLC
Xtreme AV LLC
Dana Point, CA
Thanks for the update. As you can tell, I am very interested to hear this updated unit. A local audiophile has just received his unit as well and I plan to give it a listen.
I think I will follow your lead and send another Sony unit to TRL so I can compare the two units. Bob
Has anyone who has been waiting to hear the player gotten a chance to hear it? (Clio99, Baranyi?) What are your impressions?
Thought I'd ask as well,anyone with battery powered results to share? Anyone,anyone,Bueller? :^)
Does TLR have a web site? Thanks!
Here it is: www.tuberesearchlabs.com/index.htm
Is the battery moded model much more expensive than the one with the "regular" mod?
The battery mod is an additional $750.
What is new at TRL? I still plan on getting the battery mod to the Sony 900 but I heard that they even like a Marantz Mod better. Has anyone heard it against the battery Sony? Bob
Hi Bob: I haven't heard the battery 900v vs. the 8001. Although I can tell you that the TRL 8001 is the best I have heard to date. Also I beleive you may see some 900v battery's for sale in the near future. A lot of detail with tremendous solid bass and the warmth of the tube sound. It's all in all for sure.
Best regards and have a great holiday season !
Paul Weitzel said that the TRL/Marantz SA-8001 is the best he's heard which I assume includes the TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V with the battery mod.

Anyone going to ask Paul to put a battery mod on the SA-8001?

I have the standard TRL/Sony-NS900V and just hooked up a CRL power cord from the wall to my outlet strip. I couldn't believe how much it improved the sound, especially the separation between instruments.
Thanks Lithojoe and Jebel for news about TRL's newest flagship. I really don't mind being a generation behind (that's what my kids say!) If anyone is getting rid of their battery powered TRL 900, I might be interested. Bob
Absolutely, the 900v is hard to beat and is a standard in the industry. Just be patient, and I'm sure one will present itself shortly. Unless they are sold within the network first. My limited understanding is no battery mod's on the 8001 in the near future. You can always shoot off an e-mail if necessary. Where is my buddy Tvad at lately ? Has anyone noticed how many threads he has responded or initiated. I believe it is approaching 1,500. Is that normal ? Some folks really can get a little carried away at times. What do you think ? Sure keeping the moderators busy for sure. If he is like me I would say a good 40% never make the site. Now where would that put him at 2,000 or so? Survey says ?
Time to go and get real busy with catching Tvad with his nice threads. Yeah man!
My 8001 is on the way to paul right now. Its my xmas present to myself. I have a question about burn in. I will be running it into an integrated tube amp, do I need to have the amp on to burn the cd player in or just have the interconnects connected? Lithojoe-- do you own the 8001 and do you care to tell me how good it is?
You do NOT need to have the amp on. Just spin a disc on repeat. If the 8001 mod is anything like the 900v, you are looking at a long roller coaster ride before break in is complete. Hang in there, it will be worth the wait. And if you need a PC, pick up one of the discontinued CRL Silvers here on the Gon.

I picked up a used Sony DVP-NS900V player at a very good price today, ;-}, and am planning to send it to Tube Research Labs for modification.

I currently own a TRL Marantz SA-14 and had a TRL Sony 2000ES previously.

In talking to Paul today he discussed the relative merits of the SA-14 (detail) versus NS900V (analog). So I might end up keeping both and use the appropriate player for the current music/mood.

I have followed some of the discussions about the additional battery power supply modification, last year. So am interested in getting the most recent impressions of those who have now lived with the NS900V + battery modifications. Since I currently have the TRL SA-14 should I bite the bullet and get the complete NS900V modification or live with the basic modification and get the battery modification later, if I find the NS900V preferable to the SA-14?

Also has anyone moved up from the TRL NS900V with battery modifications and if so what new equipment has replaced the TRL unit.

Again I am interested in opinions on what I will gain with the battery modification, above and beyond the basic modifications. Is it 10% better, etc. Also wondering how well the batteries hold up. Will they need to be replaced every few years?

I am also interested in feedback from those who may have tried the Marantz 8001 modification (especially those who have experience with other TRL modifications). Not much discussion about the TRL Marantz 8001 modications on this forum.

My core system currently consists of:
- TRL Marantz SA-14 SACD player
- Aesthetix Calypso preamplifier with NOS Telefunken/Amperex tubes
- a pair of Parasound JC-1 monoblock amplifiers
- Wilson Benesch Discovery loudspeakers

Thanks in advance for your input.

what does a fancy power cord have anything to do with the sound on a sony 900v with battery? it is the battery that powers the analog. the power cord is only for the cd motor and display. how is a $900 power cord going to make a difference in the sound if this is the case. also would like to hear from clio about his trl sony 900v and his thoughts.