Has anyone heard the Magico Mini?

I am very curious to hear the Magico Mini. It is getting great press in many areas and I am wandering if anyone has heard them. How do they compare to the Wilson Watt 8's or the Kharma's or the new Sonus Faber Guarneri's etc.
If I am not mistaken, they are priced about the same as the Watt/Pup 8's and more the Guarneri or Kharma 3.2.
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But that was the point I am trying to make. It is indeed your prerogative to like whatever you whishes. You may like the G’s better but it is not because the mini’s are inferior. There is nothing in the “real world” that will indicate it is the case and support your conclusion. I can tell you that IMHO, the mini’s are as smooth and pleasant as anything I ever heard. How is that going to advance the discussion? But if I show you that they are smoother, more extended, lower in coloration and much more linear, then maybe you will have better tools to make better judgments. If then you still prefer the G’s, so be it. Nothing wrong with that.
I can not imagine why anyone will pair the Magico’s with a Thor amp. It is simply a bad match since the Thor does not have the power and the control the Mini needs. I have been a fan of SF for many years and owned a few different models over the years. I do prefer them to the Kharmas. I have a pair of Guarneri’s, which I now use in my office. As nice as they are, they do not hold a candle to the MM. Much colored and dark sounding in comparison. Not to mention the size of image, soundstageing and dynamics. I would never consider putting the G’s in my big room; they simply would not do the job. The MM are in a completely different league then anything SF has been doing. Including, IMO, the big Strad’s, which I replaced with the MM. The Minis are playing in my main system for more then a year now, and I can not imaging what you would hear on the G’s that you would prefer. I can’t argue with the G’s look, they are beautiful. But I think it is easily seen how much more substantial the MM are in comparison. Try hearing them again driven properly. I do not think you will be disappointed.
And how did you get that impression? Anything will sound better on the big ARC. It is a very good amplifier. JV entire review was done on the 210’s. That is a very real, somewhat modest power rating. I drive the MM with smaller amps as well. The MM is actually a lot easier to drive then the watt and quite a few others.
My question was: how did you get the impression that the MM are hard to drive? They are not. They MM are not very efficient but they are easier to driver then many other world class speakers. I am using the CAT JL2 to drive the MM as loud as I will ever need two. I also heard them with the darTZeel, the ARC 210 and the Pass 150.5. All of these amps are under 200W and had no problems running the MM.
"More naturally extended in the highs"?? Have a look at http://stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/487/index5.html
And then look at http://www.magico.net/magico.pdf. How is it more extended if the G's tweeter drops more then an octave below the minis tweeter? The G's Dynaudio's Esotar tweeter was old news 10 years ago. I can not arguer with what you hear (Or think you do) but look at the facts. If the minis were harsh in your room, it is simply because they were telling you how your room and its associate equipment sounds.
As I stated before, I rather not argue with people hearing statements. Your sarcasm comment on the price undermined your impression even more. I can see, based on your associated equipment, that the MM are not in the price range of your other equipment and that you have just purchase your G’s. Yes, it would be heard to keep an open mind… Anyway, I can only point out the facts and they are pretty clear in this argument. If you look at the cumulative spectral-decay plot of the G’s you will notice a lot of “noise” around 16K. That is most likely due to the Esotar low, by today standard, breakup mode. Maybe that is what you hear as “naturally extended”. Yes, the mini may require careful attention in the set-up. They should also, in a small room, be listened at slightly off-axis. I can only say that there is nothing “tangible” in the G’s that is of the caliber of the Mini. BTW, when I shopped for my mini, I could not get any dealer to loan them to me…
Daveyf, this is going too far. I gave you a simple way out of this but you insist voicing your opinion on the Mini. A speaker that you most likely never seen or heard. It was clear from your comments that you did not have the speakers in your room. Just to be sure, I called all US dealers today, which BTW, were open, to ask about their loaning policy. Since I bought my pair in the US I was surprise to hear from you that you audition a pair in your house. I did not get that privilege when I bought mine. All 3 dealers, did I mention they were open today, assured me that the MAGICO’s have not been loaned to anyone. In fact, I even called MAGICO and talked to Mr. Wolf confirming that as far as he knows, none of the dealers lone these out. He also told me that if the Minis would be audition in such a way, he would most likely know about it. He to did not “hear of a guy with G’s” auditioning the Minis. This is a small community Daveyf and bluntly lying like that is uncalled for. I suggest that you get off this post and give us all a break. If and when you get a chance, you should go and listen to the MM. But it will have to be in a dealer demo room. Hope you can deal with that.
Hay, do not kid yourself. Rowland had what must have been some of the worst sound at the show. I felt sorry for him. It was a very sad room and I am not surprise it did not get mention in any report. I can only assume he was splitting the cost of the room with the speaker guy. As for Mr Wolf contentment level, I can assure you, it is very low and nothing is ever good enough for him. Thank god! But seriously, when I asked him about that he pointed out the fact that although, only recently discovered by the US media, the Minis are 4 years old. He felt that the mini will benefit as well from the advancement Magico had made in driver technology since then. Judging by the sound of the V3, I can only eagerly anticipate the upgrade.