Has anyone heard the Luminous Audio Axiom passive?

I was looking to see if anyone has heard this preamp? I purchased one directly from Tim at luminous and it has got to be the most transparent preamp out there! There are no details left out of recordings and impact is great for a passsive design. The unit is probably so transparent, due to the fact that there is basically nothing to it. It will only take one input and the pre is basically the size of a cigarette box weighing in at about 12 ounces. If you are not into cosmetics and care only about crystal clear sound with unbeatable transparency then you should try one. At 125.00 they are simply unbeatable. I use it with the odyssey stratos and Green mtn.Audio Europa speakers. I just wanted to see what others think about this great little unit.
I have one of these also. I use it on occasion and normally use a Reference Line Audio Preeminence Two passive preamp due to this having two pre outs (use for stereo subs).

I honestly think that the Axiom may sound slightly better than the Reference Line Audio preamp in my system and that is saying something since that was a $2,000 preamp.

I wish Tim would come out with one of these with two pre-outs then I would use the Axiom exclusively. His cables are excellent too.

The Axiom is an incredible value if you can live with the one pair of inputs and outputs.

One other thing is that this comes in two versions with different gain. I had a tough time matching my Preeminence Two passive pre to an amp but the Axiom was no problem at all.
I have the stratos amp and am having a difficult time matching the impedance. I sent one back to Tim and he put a much more expensive volume control in it. The old control was stepped and at one step it was nearly full volume! The new one is smoothe and much nicer. I am still having a difficulty with a little too much output at the low volumes. There is a lot of distortion and you can always hear it with the volume completely off. On less dynamic recordings it sounds fine. On these recordings, I really can't see another preamp sounding better. The clarity is incredible and you can't believe what you are missing when you use an active preamp. I played a couple of Roger Waters discs and I know these inside and out , but you can almost feel the realism in his voice and the sounds in the background are just plain clearer. Tim wants me to use some radio shack resistors to get the gain right and then he will re-install the caddocks.