Has anyone heard the Lexicon MC-10 processor and can they describe its characteristics.

My Krell 4K Foundation processor needs repair, and that will take a while, if ever.  I am considering a Lexicon MC10 in the meantime.  I used to have Lexicons , (CP series, MV 5 and MC 12), before and thought they were musical, warm, transparent and provided excellent natural sound.  I do not have the ability to audition the MC-10 and before purchasing a new one on line from a dealer, I would hope a qualified critique of this piece could be shared here.  The rest of the system is Mark Levinson Reference Amps and Revel Salon 2 speakers.  Thank you in advance for all serious replies.
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Um, so old. 

Consider an Anthem or Marantz. Plenty of those around in the used or refurbished market.
Please be aware that I have seen a number of Lexicon processors being sold without the remote.  If you don't have the remote, it's impossible to configure the unit.
Do you know if a Universal Remote will accommodate a Lexicon MV5 with the proper codes installed on the remote?

Thanks for the response Erik.  I tried the Marantz and found the sound to be shrill and cold.  Not musical at all like the older Lexicons I had used.  They seem to be a standard for the market these days.  I was hoping for something with warmth and power.
I'm not a Marantz fan per se, they are just readily available.

I have no such issue with my AVM 50. It sounds great.  I'm using it to feed my Luxman integrated, so I can assure you it does not have that shrill cold sound of some mass market units. I hope to upgrade to the latest when normal life resumes.
Well we will find out together . I just ordered one. I am replacing a Marantz 8805 that is currently in service. Initially , I just wanted to try Dirac as I keep hearing how much better it is. I did some research and every person I talked to said I was in for quite a surprise. Audio Advice, which sell both the units , told me

"The 8805 isn’t in the same class as the MC10. Like Comparing a Ferrari to a Honda Civic."  

Here's a little teaser ... 


I appreciate your response.  I auditioned a Marantz for about 6 weeks and was counting the days until a replacement could be found.  It was harsh, cold and unmusical.  The Video was great, but I could not get past the sound.  I am waiting for Krell to repair my Foundation and have purchase a used Lexicon MV-5 to hold me over in the meantime.   My AV tech installed it this morning and the sound is awesome after listening to an ailing Krell for a month.
Good luck on your new purchase, I look forward to hearing your assessment.
@erik squires - the mc10 is the latest unit from lexicon makes zero sense (to me at least) why they went the opposite direction with the model number. 
I too am interested to hear about the lexicon.  I have an 8802A through Lexicon RX-7 Amps to Revel Studio2, Voice2 center and gem 2s w a pair of F212V2s and I just can’t get things to sound ‘right’ especially in the center channel it just seems so laid back. I don’t love the surround modes on the marantz either they can do weird things and the sound just feels off sometimes. Unbalanced. I like the voices  better from my other setup (marantz 7007 and pioneer elite Andrew Jones setup) which altogether cost less than the Voice speaker alone!
Has anyone demoed the mc-10 yet?
I have not but have an MC-12. I only responded because of a comment around remotes- a Logitech remote can be programmed to drive the MC-12. Good luck with the 10 if you decide to go that route. The 12 is exceptional.