Has anyone heard the Levinson432?

or compared to the Levinson 336?
I'm demoing the 431 as I write. I demoed the 432, and the 335, but not the 336. I use virgo 111s, arc ref. 2 mark 1, arc cd 3, rega 25 with grado reference, and various nbs cables (statement 111, omega 1). IMO the 431 is the best-by far. Interestingly I thought the 432 too bright and too detailed-artificial albeit very powerful. The 335 didn't do it for me at all although that was on my older speakers-reference mm dacapos. The 431 is extremely neutral and musical-I'm not a musician but I attend a lot of live classical concerts so I think I have a good ear. One left to demo before I decide-the Rogue Zeus. Good Luck , Steve.
I'm upgrading to ARC ref 2 MKII.
Source is ARC CD 3 and J.A. Michell Orbe/SME V/Benz Ruby 2, speakers Wilsn Watt/Puppy 7. Now I power the combo with ARC VT 100 MKII, but I'm thinking to go even further in that direction too: here in Italy we don't have the 431 (it'll arrive in December), but did you compare it with ARC amps ? What about the match between Ref 2 and ML 431 ? Or should I put on hold the Ref 2 and wait for the new ML preamp due in 2004 (this was what my dealer told me), to have an all SolidState combo ?
I'm on the warm side of the sound and ARC plus Wilson sound good.
Am using the 432 with ARC LS25Mk2. If I upgrade the preamp, would definitely consider the new Levinson 320 for synergy. That said the ARC and Levinson are a nice combo, very dynamic with a silky grain free top-end, lots of midrange body and huge dynamics. Lacks bottom end slam of the Krell, bass whilst plentiful is a little more rounded and organic