Has anyone heard the Legacy Aeris?

I was curious if anyone has heard the new Legacy Aeris in a controlled space (showroom or home). I have played around with room correction and have always been pleasantly surprised as to the improvements it makes, even in a treated room, even with high-end speakers. TAS article last month was more a discussion of the technology rather than a review of their sound and performance. I am curious as to how they may stand up to the better $30k and below speakers.
There is another thread on this topic that you can find by searching for the words Legacy or AERIS. I've heard them multiple times and am extremely impressed by what they bring to the table. Check out that thread and let me know if you have any other questions; you can shoot me an email through Audiogon and I'll be happy to give more detail on what I heard first hand on several different trips to Legacy.
Great speakers, value priced. Steromojo just did a nice review of them. I liked them more than Wilson at a recent show.

My current favorites are the Sony SS speakers. They are 10k versus $30k for the Legacies. Both have perfect tonal range across the spectrum. You can buy a lot of records or CDs with the 20k you will pocket.
"My current favorites are the Sony SS speakers. They are 10k versus $30k for the Legacies. Both have perfect tonal range across the spectrum. You can buy a lot of records or CDs with the 20k you will pocket."

I think you need to check your math. The Legacy Aeris is under 18K.

They are under $18K, final price I'm told is based upon choice of finish, etc...but no matter how you slice it, given what I've heard in several listening sessions, they have mids and top-end that I don't think I've heard the equal of at many price points going much further up the scale. When you couple that with a resounding performance in the bass regions with attack, decay and incredible accuracy over a wide variety of music with no ear fatigue you wind up with a winning combination. The last time I heard a speaker I loved this much, the price point was several multiples of what the Aeris is advertised for...
I'll be hearing the Aeris is my system within 3-4 weeks as my build order is now in the queue; I'll let you all know once they arrive and are up and running. This will be one hell of a jump in the system based upon what I've heard to date and am very exciting about this upcoming change!
I've had the Aeris for a few months now and they have logged a large amount of hours; they continue to amaze me in a real home environment with a good system backing them. There is not a single disc I've thrown at them that they don't come out and impress with musicality, imaging, density and 3-D aspects of sound field and excitement and energy. They pressurize the room in ways I've never heard even at low and moderate volume levels. This is Duddleston's crowning achievement to date I am sure based upon what I am hearing. They are also the highest return on investment in the industry or at the very least, on a very short list of speakers that can claim that honor. Amazing speaker,...I urge anyone who can to check them out....send me in-mail on Audiogon with any questions (I'm not a dealer but will be very glad to help!).
Zephyr I know you are a big Aeris fan but every time I hear them I go why don't my Whisper sound like this until I listen to them then I know why.
The Whispers are paired with a pair of Extremes and have their own DSP powered with an S100.
The difference is like comparing a Maserati and a Bentley.
The Bentley is much smoother.lol
As for the Sony's and Aeris its like comparing the Mase to a Honda Civic
They are both great speakers...I take it from your comment that you prefer the Whispers, please confirm. In either case, the listener does not lose!
I've heard both speakers, they are both Phenomenal... Just depends on your taste in speakers and amplifiers. The Sony's are like 88db 4 ohm and the Aeris are like 95.5 4 ohm....
I have heard Aeris several times. I really like them- a lot. They have the ability to just let the "music" go and dare any material played to challenge them. They can sound thunderous, delicate, detailed, smooth, throw a huge soundstage, and have unbelievable bass resolution. I could easily live with the Aeris for the rest of my days.

As much as I enjoy Aeris, when I hear Whisper, it's like falling in love again. They have a sonic presence that is just so natural and effortless and right. I believe Bill Duddleston would say they are his favorite if asked. They do have an unusual look though, but after owning a Lampizator BL 7 I've gotten over looks when it comes to natural sound.

I've been a Helix owner in the past (and what a great speaker they were!). But I've been enjoying a loaner pair of Focus SE until the new Legacy V is available. Then I'll have a difficult choice Whisper, Aeris, or the new V.
The V are making thier debut at Rocky Mountain this October.
Can't wait to hear them!
The Whisper are indeed a great speaker that image like a panel with the presence of a large traditional speaker. I agree with your observations on what the AERIS are like; after many months, I continue to be impressed at what they handle and how they convey the music! I only wish I could be at RMAF to hear Whisper, Aeris and V all together!