Has Anyone Heard the Kharma Loudspeakers

Does anyone have any listening experience with the Kharma line of loudspeakers? I would appreciate any feedback. Many Thanks.
I have owned the Ceramique 2's and listened extensively to the 1's and have heard the Reference 1B's and they are very good speakers. They have superb coherence and a wonderful midrange. With the right associated equipment they can be great IMO.
they are for music lovers, not hifi guys. best speakers you can buy for classical and jazz, imo. sound best with tubes or very very good solid state (e.g., goldmund or rowland). not cheap, but along with wilsons (a much different sound) they're the best i've heard. good luck.....
Save some money and check out Beauhorn speakers instead (www.soundsofsilence.com). I have heard a friend's $60K Karmas that he has replaced with the Beauhorns for higher performance at much less cost.
Ceramic drivers may seem a bit less rowdy than horns. But boy-oh-boy the purity of tone is in a class by itself. If I only listened to classical music, the Ceramiques would be the ones.....
Kharmas sound the best on REAL tube amps like Jadis or Cary (805C). Some solid state could apply too say Jeff Rowland and perhaps MBL comes to mind.
If you have room 20x15 or bigger checkout CE 1.0 otherwise look into 2.1 which are perfect for medium size room. Kharma shows strong prefrences for Siltech cables. In addition I must say the fit and finish is world class. Happy listening