Has anyone heard the hegel H70 Integrated Amp ?

I recently bought the piece thru Audio Doctor. The piece also has a DAC and retails for $2,000. The amp has a damping factor of around 1000 and the sound is fantastic for both the integrated and the dac. I have been buying hi end equipment for close to 20 years and this piece is an unbelievable bargain. Its crazy good. David at Audio Doctor in Jersey City is a great guy to work with. He knows his stuff and has a passion for what he does. He's honest and actually cares about his customers. Words cannot do justice to this piece of audio equipment.

Congrat's. You have bought into a great company, products and customer service, Hegel is outstanding. They are new to the US market, but they have been getting numerous honors and awards from the European and Japanense media.
I have had this one on demo. This integrated DAC is quite good but the power was not overwhelming. If I need to choose between the H1 MK IV (the predecessor of the H70) I would go for the H1. That one sounds more gutsy and more drive in the low end. But the H70 has a better mid / highs (probably newer technique). Also the placement of the music was very strong and well detailed low end but not gutsy like the H1 MKIV.