Has anyone heard the Harbeth Shl5 plus 40th anniversary edition??

Hello people,

Has anyone heard the new Harbeth Shl5 plus 40th anniversary edition speakers? And if so how the devil are they?! WBT terminals, what looks to be Clarity caps on the XO and new internal wiring... Sounds good to me : )


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I'm afraid to go see them, the money in my funeral fund would be sorely depleted .
P.S  NOT a joke .
For the difference in price from the regular version, you could probably make those changes yourself without much bother, and save some money.
I was actually thinking the same thing. If you don't have a Harbeth dealer, I know a really good one. He specializes in British hifi, and he's very honest.
listened to them for quite a while at AXPONA.  they seemed more bass heavy than the current shl5+ and more natural on the top end.  i prefer the current version and like the slightly brighter sound.  if i were in the market i would get the non anniversary version.  
Very interesting feedback, thanks Avanti, do you remember what they were powered by? There is little to no info on these out there and perhaps this is why. They were released at the beginning of April, a cruel prank perhaps : ) 
yes the amps were the vinnie rossi lio modular amps.  they sound spectacular.   vinnie loves harbeths and he has used them at the three audio shows I have been to.  
last year he was using the monitors 40.2s and they sounded more natural than the SHL5 40th.  year before that he used the non anniversary SHL5+  and they sounded brighter, same with my local dealer who carries harbeth.