Has Anyone Heard the Gram Amp 3 LOMC Phono Preamp?

Having picked up a used Audible Illusions 2D here, I began looking for a HOMC cart that could give me the same satisfaction as my Denon DL103R now does -- I don't want to get into an MC step-up tranny. Well, while there are some good budget HOMC carts out there, I'm not confident that the 103R sound can be equalled. I decided to check out Graham Slee's website, remembering the great satisfaction his Gram Amp 2SE provided me when I was using an MM cart. I was surprised to see that he now sells a dedicated LOMC phono stage, for carts from .2mV to 1mV output. The price, while a bit beyond my budget, is something I can stretch to. Has anyone here heard the Gram Amp 3? Can anyone tell me anything about it? Any reviews you know about? Thanks in advance for any help! Rich