Has anyone heard the E.sound CD E5?

I'd like to know if anyone has listened to the E.sound CD E5. From what I've gleaned from the Cattylink.com site re:'happy customer' responses and AA's site it seems to be a winner. It boasts a TCCO clock used in Wadias and the chipset is used in Meridians and Gamuts. It seems overbuilt and I can get one to my door, with the correct voltage, including shipping, for the very reasonable price of $710. For those of you with the technical know-how you can check it out on Cattylink.com and peruse the photos and see if it's anything special. I know I should hear it for myself, but the respsonse has been overwhelmingly in favor of it and E.sound will be raising their prices soon.
Thanks, in advance,
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Surf on over to:


I have been very happy with my unit for the past few months. Replaced a Adcom GDA600 and Scott Nixon TubeDAC w/ 7308 tube.