Has anyone heard the DSPeaker?

The DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core is a DAC, pre-amp and room corrector equalizer all in one. Has anyone here heard or compared the DSPecker to other DACs?
A friend and I have both experimented with these products. I use two of the 8033 Cinema devices, each manages a SVS Ultra sub. My friend tried the stereo version, then bought the one you are asking about. He has been a tube fanatic, ARC SP 15 preamp(I think, the one with a separate tube power supply), as well as tube amps for Maggie 20s. Now he uses this as a preamp and DAC. He loves it and the room correction allows several pre-set slopes, for bass shy recordings, too bright recordings, and for the wife! It was not a quick decision. I find these products do what they claim, and they are made very well, but not over packaged and not over expensive. You can return them and being small, they are easy to re-pack. I wonder about the spelling, DSpecker?? It really is a great product.
I'm looking hard at the Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core, I do believe that's the stereo one.
I use it just for bass correction < 150 Hz (analog in - analog out) and it is terrific at keeping the bass clean and tight by lowering peaks. Also a nice "tone" control for those occasions when that's useful.
Been using the Dual Core 2.0 as a Dac, preamp and room correction for about a year. Very highly recommended with a high quality 12v battery or linear power supply. My system is a 2.2 rig and going with the DNM HFTN cables as upgrade is worth every penny. Do a search there is a lot written in other forums about this amazing piece of gear.

Also using the 8033c in my HT rig.

Couldn't find a Dual Core 2.2 anywhere on the Internet but was wondering about the DNM HFTN cables. How is it different from other cables?
A. 2.2 rig means he is using 2 main soeakers and 2 subs.

Roscoeiii is right about what a 2.2 system is, 2 monitors and 2 matching subs.

In this speaker configuration the Dual Core can really show it's stuff. My monitors (Shelby+Kroll Nano's) have a steep drop off at 100hz and the matching subs (Shelby+Kroll Woofer Monitors) come in at 100hz to fill out the bottom. I use a CD transport to the optical input on the Dual Core. A DNM HFTN XLR To RCA cable from the XLR outs to the amp for the monitors, and DNM HFTN RCA cables from the RCA outs to the subs.

I use the 2.0 setting on the Dual Core so it reads the speakers as full range. Here's the cool part, on the sub (s) amp the gain control can be adjusted to bring the bass output to as close to 0 as possible. I was able to get mine to -1db to -1.5db range. Basically very flat bass to the upper 20hz to the 120hz range. Also during the calibration process the Dual Core is adjusting for phase and crossover blending. The Dual core will automatically adjust the sub woofer crossover if it isn't set at the proper point. ie; The dial on the sub amp crossover is an analog dial. If I happen to have it set at say 96hz or 103hz the Dual Core will correct this and bring the subs to seamless integration.

The HFTN or High Frequency Termination Network is installed in line on the DNM IC cable, and speaker cable if you have an amp that relies on using negative feedback in it's design. The HFTN takes away the very high RF frequencies that screw up the signal. You can read more about the cable on the DNM website.

I have had a number of cables over the years ranging from simple inexpensive twisted copper to very expensive solid core cryoed silver wire. The DNM HFTN delivers music better than any of them! I was floored the first time I put them on a pair of Lowther Horns I once had. Gone was the peakiness that can plague Lowthers and the music flowed with tonal balance, defined bass, and superb detail.


And can be purchased here:

I've read lots of great feedback about the quality of the EQ function, but the major reviews seem to gloss over how the DAC sounds. Would love to hear from more folks who are using the DAC, too.
Thank you Rodge for getting back to me with that information. I'm wondering if the DSPecker will still work with my Rel sub-woofer hooked directly to my Amps. I'm also using Synergistic Research cables that help eliminate most RF noise. How do you hook these DNM HFTN up? As for the DAC, I heard it blows away the one in the Peachtree Nova.

They are installed by the manufacturer near the connectors.
Plug them in just like any other XLR or RCA cable. In the picture the HFTN's are in the black shrink wrap attached to RCA jacks.


Thanks for the fast reply. I don't think the DNM HFTN cables will do me any good. I have Pioneer/TAD S-3EX speakers which are on the warm side. I need to bring out the middle and treble highs just a bit more. You did say you were using these cables on monitors. Maybe I'm missing something. They do have a 20 day return policy but no contact numbers. I could always try them.

If you are located in the US, click on the link I provided above and scroll through the menu for the contact number. You will be able to boost the middle and treble highs with the Dual Core EQ.


I spoke with Tim, now I get it.