Has anyone heard the Burwen Bobcat system

Claimed by a well respected recording engineer to make CD's sound as good as Lp's/Sacd. Is this another reality check ???
bummer no replies.

I, too, would love to hear if anyone has listened to this USB system.

Mark Levinson used to go on and on about the problems of digital sound in his Red Rose store, so it would be nice to think that he and Mr Burwen have invented a way to get computer based files to sound better than redbook CD, if not analoge and SACD.

Then again, the guy has been a relentless self promoter since the '70's long before he was pitching books on how to properly shag TV actresses who were nonetheless soon to divorce him.

Between that, and the head spinning profit margins of the Red Rose gear that reveal themselves as soon as you find the link to the Chinese manufacturer, I was a bit skeptical...

But if this is the next big thing, I want one.
6 months have passed since this inquiry was posted.

Owners of the Burwen Bobcat Suite; please chime in and share your epxerience.

According to a mutual friend, Mark Levinson is more than a little bit insane, but I would say this product has taken his schtick to a new level of audacity.

Not sure it ever really existed or found a market, so it may be tough to find consumer reviews.
Yes, I have at the NY Highend show last year. Levinson gave a 20 minute demonstration using his Red Rose speakers and electronics. Unfortunately, I walked away scratching my head as to what all the fuss was about. Actually, I thought Levinson was losing his hearing. What I heard sounded flat and uninvolving - sounded like I was listening to an iPod. His claim that this bettered SACD and LP was far from what I was hearing. Sorry, but I'll pass.
Also, when Levinson was asked to play some before and afer comparisons to justify to all of us that what he was SAYING could be proven, he refused to comply. Some lame assed excuse about this not being a test, but rather a demonstration.

More like a "believe me because I'm me" sales pitch in my opinion.

Levinson lost all crediblity (with me) when he was on he TODAY show with his now ex (Kim Katrall) selling their sex book....OMG...Thankfully, Matt L did NOT ask for a demonstation!
I heard it at the '05 HE Show in NYC. Ditto what Dracule1 said, although I did find the sound smooth and listenable. Reading between the lines of what he was telling everyone, I suspect that this gadget is not much more than a sophisticated filter or EQ that is software based. I dislike the secretive nature of the presentation. If it is so unique, get the patent application filed and then you can explain how it works, I say.
If all the rumours and stories are true that Mark Levinson's greatest strengths are

a) self promotion and
b) deception

How did he have a few great products in the good old days?

Because John Curl designed them?

He just put his name on them and hawked them?
I had recently the chance to listen to this strange feline creature at a friend's and I must confess, that I was pleasantly surprised. I listened through the venerable Jecklin electrostatic floats ear speakers, which were powered by some Chinese integrated tube gear, the name of which I've forgotten. It is a 300b job with a somewhat darkish sound, which however can easily be equalised out by the Windows Media player's equaliser. We listened ( through two of those floats)to a wide variety of music, Jazz, Pop, voices, string quartetts, big classical music from Windows XP lossless files from his HD and I must say, that every time the Bobcat made a difference towards a more musical, pleasing rendering, once the right setting was found. Mostly the differences were subtle, but none the less easily discernable. I am no fan of digital, after having had to sell my huge Lp-collection, I now mostly listen to reel to reel tapes on an ancient Otari,which apart from the hiss, gives to my old ears are more musical, less tiring rendering of the musical material, compared to digital. After an intense listening session of about three hours I didn't notice any aural fatigue, which to me was quite surprising. Whether tthe Cat's rendering is up to the standard of SACD or Analog I cannot say. I think, that is beside the point anyway, important to me was the fact, that the usual irritants of digital were at least on this occasion completely gone.

To my mind, the Bobcat is not for those purists, who want their gear to be able to give an as exact as possible rendering of the recording venue. It is is rather for the subjectivist, intimatly aquainted with the sound of live music, who does not mind fiddling around until he gets the sound, he things is right for that particular piece of music. I would certainly buy one, if I could afford it right now.


I schlepped my Otari with about 15 r2rs, some at 7.5 others at 3.75 ips and we compared especially voices, solo violins, small Jazz combos and big classic orchestra to similar renderings through the Bobcat, which we had set to the sound most pleasant for us.

The result: Especially regarding solo violins, the layered rendering of big orchestral music, sweetness if highs, even the most pleasant setting of the Feline doesn't even come close to the old recording and reproducive technology of 30 to 40 years ago. The entire "gestalt" of the music was totally different between the two technologies, subtle musical cues, when heard through tape were more evident and gave the impression for the music to be more "real" and the tape won every time. Well, I grew up on 78s and later on LPs, my friend however is much younger ( 40 years !) and had never listened to analog commercial tapes before. He's now looking for an Otari or a Revox B77 on Ebay and wants to buy my doubles. I don't need to say more.

Conclusion: I would still buy the Bobcat if I had the money, because, after much fiddling, it can improve the sound, making it more pleasing to the ear and reducing listening fatigue. However the idea, that its sound would come close to or equal that of analog is to our two pair of ears and the minds located inbetween them ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS !

Hi folks, isn't the Burwen Bobcat eventually something of an equalizer device, a very sophisticated one? MP3 is basically an inferior medium, so I don't trust any device or software that makes MP3 at least palatable.

I keep hearing very divergent opinions on the Bobcat. I missed hearing at CES last year but am told the system was not revealing. Hopefully this year the demo will be better. I must say that I find it hard to believe the claims.
A Sad Bobcat Experience, a Mark Levinson disaster.

I not only purchased the Bobcat program [with it's Dan Hertz Dac] but also the Callisto Computer to go with it as a "plug and play" setup, and I'm still not sure how I agreed to this deal with their refusal to supply any sort of documentation, paperwork, official receipts, export documents, etc.
He is obviously a good salesman or I'm going senile, or both!

My system is a v. high quality domestic monitor setup and it reveals any deficiencies in the chain, and this "new thing" resembles some of the characteristics of the Digital editing suites with the loose base, unnatural top end extension, added detail that varies with input, etc.
It may well suit some people but we consider it to be quite unsatisfactory and are very dissapointed with the whole Mark Levinson experience.
However, it does do some of the things that ML said it would do, but unfortunately, the quality of the reproduction is not "first class", and it has been a challenge to improve it's performance.
It does actually reduce fatigue extremely well, and with my AKG's on class A h/ph amp, is very easy to listen to, even without the extra "sound selections"
As I learn more of this digital medium, I think it is problem of the Media 10 program, the USB connection method but mainly a function of the DAC.
A caution about the DAC - It is made for Mark Levinson [aka Daniel Hertz, etc ...!] by Ron Genereux of "Sonus Research and Design" and from the initial reluctance to bend the power pins to fit our mains outlets, the non-earthed poorly finished metal case, to the cheap 3mm h/ph socket with its sorry little thumbwheel vol control, etc, etc.
When the whole computer and dac was returned from NewYork [after dac repair and computer hard drive failure!], the metal cased dac still didn't have an earth connection apart from the USB 0volt plug lead idea of an earth [removable earth!!!] and with our 240v mains voltage and a regulator heatsink rattling around [loose!] in the metal case, and other things - you can see that this rather expensive item is saaaaaadly lacking is build quality.
Ron G "respectfully declined" to add a 3 wire power cord, a seperate earth connection or add the provided IEC filter/socket to the metal case! You would think that a failed product returned for repair would be a good opportunity to make it at least, electrical safe! Unfortunately, the DH DAC is tied to the USB system and the other programs offered by/from "Dick Burwen" seem to use the same method, apart from the professional application.
I hope to be quite wrong about the USB method and the MediaPlayer program and it maybe simply be that the convenience of "plug and play" outways any "possible" loss of fidelity.
I also hope to be able to add in the near future that I have found a better way to use the Burwen bobcat program, and that more of it's potential may be realised.

... jh