has anyone heard the black cat digital cable ?

this cable is manufactured by the stellasvox company, chris sommovigo president.

for those who may remember his first digital cable was the illuminati.

has anyone auditioned this cable ? if so how would you characterize its performance ?
I went from the Stereovox HDXV to the Black Cat Silverstar 75 maybe a year ago--they were both great, the newer one a bit more open sounding I guess you would say. Bottom end was a bit more extended as well.

You can't go wrong for the price and even if you're not a believer in digital cables the idea of getting a proper 75 ohm transmission is hard to argue with.
Does the Black Cat Silverstar 75 even exist? I placed a order for one from Galen Carol and waited for 38 days and finally canceled the order. Even the website for the cable was clueless. A search of the web was to no avail. I concluded it was vapor cable; it just did not exist. So I ordered a Oyaide DR-510 1 meter cable from shoppinjapan.com for a total of $194. and am darned please with it. Sorry Black Cat, you had you chance.

Hi Marvin

The Silverstar does (did) exist. It was available earlier this year. I know because I bought one and have been enjoying it. I guess Chris Sommavigo discontinued it. It really stinks you had to go through the whole ordeal that you did.

Here was the old listing.


Glad you were able to find a quality cable you are happy with.
Why wouldn't you order it direct from Black Cat? Personally, I wouldn't order something like that online unless i knew it was in stock. There are so many web businesses out there that list so many products--unless the site indicates stock levels you never know unless you ask.

Mine took about a week to ship from the US to Canada.
Audiojedi, Black Cat was a ZERO.

I bought a new Black Cat digital cable from Galen Carol. He had it in stock, and it is a great cable. Maybe they did discontinue it, but would not know why?? Great cable at a great price. I wanted a new pair of their up coming RCA cables but heard they were having a hard time getting the material needed. Maybe same thing for the digital cables?
I tried ordering the Silverstar through the Cable Company and had to cancel my order due to unavailability. The Cable Company told me they had over 50 orders they have not been able to fulfill.