Has anyone heard the Audio Note AX-2 Signature?

I've been looking for a small, efficient and tube-friendly speaker for a while. On paper the Audio Note AX-2 Signature definitely meets that criteria. There's scant information available on it, though, either here or in reviews. Has anyone heard this speaker on a lower powered push pull tube amplifier? My amp is 30 wpc. What were its strengths, weaknesses, etc.? Looking for smooth, neutral to laid back sound quality without treble grain or any hardness.
The last Ax2 for sale was by Darrin of Audio Limits 6 months ago. He may still have it hanging around.

I have had the K's & now have the J's and have heard the E's at shows. I have never heard the Ax-2 but I bet it sounds like the typical AN sound, right sounding.

AN speakers sound their best with AN amps. Oto to start with.

What amp do you have?

The K's for sale with stands on the 'Gon is your best bet for AN speakers. They should go for $1150.00 with stands. That is what I sold mine for after they sat up for sale for a long time. I bought them for the same price. If the seller lets them go for that price you should be able to try them out and if they don't work out you should be able to get your money back on reselling them.
Hiphiphooray for Audiogon.

Hope this helps.
the ax-2 is a stellar performer. Got great reviews here in Norway and was one of the true winners at a hifi-show about a month ago.