Has anyone heard the Audio Logic 34mxl?

Still wondering what's up with the Audio Logic. Looking for people who have heard both units. The 24 and 34mxl. What are the differences? I will call Jerry eventualy, but am asking here. Also what about a digital cable RCA for these units. Thanks, L
Just received the 34 MXL and it is something I have never heard before.
After listening to this piece of equipment it surely makes me wonder why is it all these big name long time manufacturers cannot deliver music reproduction as the Audio Logic 34 MXL.
This DAC makes music in such a way that the musicians are in your house playing.
Unreal performance, truly something special.
I have owned many DACs and most of there are really excellent performers, however, my 34 is something else.
I am using the Wireworld Gold cable at the moment besides the Cardas and Accoutic Zen, eventually I will go to the Marigo.
Any other experience with the Audio Logic?
I just sold my Altis to get something more "current". I was/am thinking about the Perfectwave dac, but it seems some are selling them within a few weeks(outside of a job loss ,etc).
I had forgotten about the '34 and may investigate. Are you thinking about a change also? What's stopping you from the AA Dac II?
Just price. AL is $5,000 versus $11,000. I had the 24MXL and I'm not sure why I ever sold it.
The Marigo Labs digital cables really allows my 34 MLX to outperform itself. Jerry Ozment, the manufacture recommended this Marigo to me. I am so please I now have 2 spare Marigo cables.
I also own the PS PWT/PWD which are not truly breakin as yet so it is premature for me to voice an opinion compared to my 34.
A 5000-11000 DAC may sound a little better than my 34 but does the price difference justify minuscule improvement.
My 34 is a black box device without military construction and build quality, no NOS tubes, bulk quality coax sockets (which I replaced with WBT and made a tiny improvement), stick on rubber feet, a few leds to tell you the thing is working, no filter or oversampling buttons.
And this goes to show what's inside the box makes my music.
I have been fooled for too long.
Terryakhan, isn't the 34MXL $5,000? (new)
Pubul 57,
I am not sure about the price, bought mine app 3-4 years ago as a dealer demo unit, think I paid 3800.00

How many hours on the PS combo? I'm mainly interested in the PWD as I don't want to get rid of the Oracle.
I'm also interested in the AA MkIV/Dac II and the Berkely.
I have only a few hours of play on my PWT/PWD using only PS Audio HDMI interface.