Has anyone heard the Art Audio Jota?

Anyone do a side by side test of this one versus anything else?
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The sorcery of audio notwithstanding, if you have to, you always use the specs (especially THD and IMD) to speculate how an amp will 'sound', whatever that means.

That is, you do not want components to have a sound, which can only be distortion, which you do not want, in any component.

A save measure of acceptable distortion is <0.1% over a 5hz-50khz frequency range. Anything more, or less in range, and the amp will have a sound, which will adversly affect whatever sonic quality is inherent in the source material.

If not listed in the manual, or product specs. they are probably too poor to even mention. But if you contact them they will probably provide it anyway.

For 'true to the original' in playback, use transparent speakers, dipole designs tend to excell, and a low distortion amp. Since you can then hear the quality of the source material, become selective as aquire new material for your collection. Many albums will have become intolerable in their poorly produced, engineered, and over mixed condition.

BTW there is a list of tested and proven sonically superior reference quality CD's at the MUSIC link at www.linkwitzlab.com

The differences of speaker designs are also discussed there. Plus a lot more. Check it out.
From a good source, the only cables confiscated by this raid were the entry level Prism series cables as they are the only ones they were outsourcing to China in order to keep their expenses down, as well as retail pricing.

RSC, Air, etc. stuff was not involved in this. I imagine they aren't alone in this, but it sounds like they were sloppy or perhaps cheating a bit on labeling.

I am 95% certain that my source is telling the truth. My reason for this certainty is if 650,000 or so cables were confiscated, to me that could easily be Tara's on hand inventory of all the Prism series wires they carry. If you say the average home theater, which is what Prism series stuff is often sold for, takes about 16 interconnects, 5 speakers cables, 2 video cables and that is probalby still low. Then 650,000 only covers 30,000 home theaters and they are selling to a worldwide market. That would be about right in my estimation. Heck if each dealer in the US alone was able to sell on HT cable package per week that would come close to exhausting their Prsim cable supply.

Nothing at stake here for me (only own a few Prism series video cables), but just getting tired of seeing Tara Labs lambasted by misinformation, when to me what they were doing is about the same as what every other assembly/ manufacturing company no matter the field is doing in these times.
Crap wrong thread, sorry hopefully someone with experience answers your question as the Jota is an amp I have my eye to upgrade from my AA Concerto someday.
Huh? I have no idea what everyone is responding to, but it doesn't seem to be about Art Audio!