Has Anyone Heard the AMR CD-77 CD Player?

I had the opportunity to hear this player at a friend's house, and it was the best cd playback that I have ever heard! Build quality looks to be fantastic. Looks are to die for, but the sound, oh, the sound. The player presents a large and very realistic sound stage in both width and depth. Vocals are the most realistic I have heard from a cd source. Bass has a very nice tone to it, highs are very extended (not rolled off at all). I hear people complain about the cheap plastic remotes on most cd players. This thing had the most elaborate remote I have ever seen. A nice heavy chunk of metal with a touch screen that lights in the dark. The player is flexible in that it has different filters that can be used. I only heard it in the standard setting, but it was the most impressive player I have ever heard.
Hi, look up the thread titled:
Heard the Abbingdon Music research CD player?

I have been using it for about two months now, that should amount to something like 100-120 hours, and it keeps getting better. I now plan to swap the already very good power cord that comes with it for the new VooDoo Cable Vajra. I suspect that will give it another kick.
There is already been a thread regarding this unit with discussions, some were waiting to get or hear the unit, some had it but were breaking it in and so on.

This is a very interesting unit, check out the thread there is allot more info regarding the unit.
Slowhand I brought the thread up for you, Karelfd what other players have you had to compare. What is the rest of your system consist of.

This is a very interesting unit.
I completely agree with slowhand's opinion of this player. I was initially struck by its good looks, build quality, USB port feature and very good sound given a difficult room at CES '07. This past Saturday I had the opportunity to listen to a fully broken-in unit for hours on end. It compared more than favorably to any digital setup I've heard and easily beat the Lector that was also on hand. My SME30/2,V,Allaerts combo is clearly better, but I'm impressed with what AMR has accomplished in this unit.
Hi, I had the Jadis JD3 with its integrated DAC in my system for a few years. As with all Jadis, the JD3 is an incredibly melodious unit and at the time I bought it unbeatable for its price. Meanwhile the Jadis price tags have become quite hefty, which is one reason why I started looking at other machines when I thought it was time for an upgrade in the EURO 5k-7k region. I had a dealer demo Burmeister CD001 (too "digital"), Accuphase DP-67 (boring), Lua Apassionato, Krell SACD Standard and T+A D10 (problematic drive section, reportedly much better these days) on trial, all of which were not convincing. I would have liked to audition the Lindemann 820 but that was out of my price league anyway, and the Ayon CD3, but they were too busy building the CD1 so the CD3 project got much delayed. Enter AMR that I unadvertedly stumbled across their webpage. I had the opportunity to audition the distributor's broken-in CD-77 for a day, and the rest is history.
Gear used: Tidal Preos pre-amp, Tidal Intra amp, Tidal Contriva speakers, PS Audio Premier power plant, Purist Venustas and Pure Note Titanium ICs, Purist Venustas speaker cable, VooDoo Cable Vajra powercords with the amps and AMR PC-77, a very fine powercords that comes customary with the CD-77.
Don't take my word for it, go listen to this machine.