Has anyone heard the 6N1P preamp tube?


I have a Counterpoint SA-1000 preamp-which I like. Currently, I am using a Sovtek 6922 on it. I think the tube sounds a bit harsh. Tried JAN Phillips tubes (twice), but the Phillips tubes proved to not be compatatable with the pre-amp- it introduces a scratchy noise into the output along with what every I am playing. I noticed in the Musical Direct catalog that Svetlana makes a 6N1P tube that is compatable with 6922/6DJ8 and was wondering if anyone has listened to this tube. I am on a budget so I cannot afford NOS tubes.


Try ELECTRO HARMONIX 6922 gold pin,Just may be your cup tea.They sound excellent for a budget tubes
Be careful. The 6N1P is not compatible in all circuits using 6922s. You should call Mike Elliot before you try such a thing.

My phono preamp uses 6N1Ps and I am using cryoed Svetlanas. They sound very good to my ears.

My Decware EL34 amp uses the same tube. Same pin configuration as 6922 and 6DJ8, but not necessarily compatible. In my amp, at least, 6N1P's are dead quiet, while the others have an unacceptably loud level of hum.

6N1P's seem to be a eastern-European creation with no precise Western counterpart. I believe they are currently in production from Svetlana(?) or another major tube manufacturer over there. Easy to find on ebay, very inexpensive. Sound fine in my amp. I understand there are NOS versions from the early 70's still available. Would like to try some of the military spec ones that apparently are even "better."
Second on the warning. These aren't 100% compatible with 6922/6DJ8. Talk w/Counterpoint before trying 'em.
My Metronome CD2V Sig cdp uses the 6N1P, which is only made in one factory. If you search archives you'll find details on a couple of differently marked version, but most are close in sound.
There are lots of good sounding 6922's out there. The Electro mentioned above is definitely one of the best of them. If you want to try NOS later, the Amperex Bugle Boys have been good to me, as have been Siemens and Telefunken. The Mullards are over-rated on a relative price/perf basis, IMHO. Cheers, Spencer
Emmanuel Go of First Sound uses these in his current production preamps. When I got mine back from him, I thought that the 6N1P was an excellent tube, and I could be very happy leaving it in the preamp. My favorite is still the Amperex 7308, white label, made in US. A little more airy and transparent than the 6N1P. The 6N1P has more bass, though.
Mike Elloit from Counterpoint noted the 6N1P is not compatable with the SA 1000. So I got the Electro Harmonix 6922. Boy, it does sound better than the Solvek. The bass is now much more there. The mids have lost that card-board felling and the highs are richer.

Thanks you all for the tips.