Has anyone heard System Audio Mantra Speakers?

I was interested in System Audio Mantra Speakers, probably the Mantra 5 or Mantra 10 bookshelf speakers, or the Mantra 50 Floorstander speaker. There are only a couple of retailers in the USA and they are out of state from me. There are also no reviews on System Audio, though I've heard they are really musical and an incredible value. Not sure how they compare against other speakers. Has anyone heard them or own them? Which model? What did you like about them? I listen to all kinds of genres, but mostly jazz, pop/rock, and some classical. My current system is a Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated Tube Amp, VPI Prime turntable, and Ortofon Black Quintent cartridge. I expect to add a Herron Audio Phono Stage at some point in the near future as well. Thanks for the advice!

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@james37  I recently posted about the SA Ranger Masters. They are a pretty big jump up from the Mantra 50's. Amazing Speakers for the $$$. Makes me wonder how good the SA Pandion 50's are?
@james37  While in our 2nd Lockdown in Melbourne in August I managed to purchase the last pair of SA Mantra 70's at an incredible bargain. You couldn't buy the components for the price I paid!

After around 100 hours these sound quite nice. Different to the Ranger Masters with an Airier presentation, but not the lightning fast presentation of the RM's.

Just recently purchased the SA Pandion 30's at a runout price in a beautiful high gloss Walnut finish. I've now put around 150 hours on these. They are just sublime and up there with the best I've heard at any price. All the System Audio Speakers I've heard while different share incredible Musicality. The designer Olie Witthoft is one of the few who really gets it!
@james37  Nothing like variety James. That's why I have so many different Components/Speakers. Both those should be a completely different presentation to the SA's. Personally don't mind Spendors but not a fan of Harbeth's that I've heard.