Has anyone heard Sony's DVP-NC555ES?

Nice build quality and looks but how does SACD/redbook playback compare to such Sony units as CE777, 555ES, etc.?
I figure that all future Sony SACD units will be dvd based except their high-end X9000ES.
I picked up the NC555ES several months ago because I needed one multichanger unit for a limited space. My system is mid-level, i.e. Marantz SR-18EX, Thiel 1.5 speakers. Since I've not heard SACD on any other player, I
can't comment on quality. However, I started out using an
older Stealth HAC power cord and changed it out for a
Virtual Dynamics Power 3 and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! For the first time I wanted to play ALL my CD's to hear the better
sound. The unit seems fairly solid overall, but the changer mechanisms seems a little flimsy. For the price, I would certainly recommend it. For $249 if I want to change it later, it won't be that big a deal.
I bought a DVP-nc555es a couple months ago. With regular CD's the detail was outstanding, depth and dynamics terrific, and bass was solid and full. In my system it tended to be a bit harsh sometimes in the high freq. but part of my problem is my other components. I was suprised at how good it sounded with regular CD's.
The SACD was good but I didn't have anything to compare it to either. Very smooth with SACD
I agree with you, the unit does seem solid, attractive, and well made. The changer is clunky however, but I got used to it.
I took the unit back for a full refund because I wanted to try other CD players, I am looking for one that is as detailed and clear as this one is without any harshness, haven't found one yet.