Has anyone heard Sonicweld Diverter 192

I have a Mac Laptop and thinking about trying it in my stereo system. I saw the Sonicweld Diverter 192 and it looked interesting. My question is how is it and what DAC goes well with it and give me true 24/192 with balanced outputs. Do you need to download Pure Music on the apple to bypass I tunes. I am using a Modright Sony XA5400ES for cd's and SACD's.
I talked to Dan at Modright. He said he is coming out with a switchable digital coax input for the Sony modright 5400 in a few weeks. He said you just need a usb to spdif box that takes USB from you apple laptop and has a digital coax on the other end. You attach this to your DAC or the Sony. He said it will give you true 24/192. I think I will use the new Lindemann USB-DDC 24/192. I think this will do the trick.
Does anyone have experience with the Lindemann, Sonicweld, wavelength wave link, etc. Some are asynch. and others are not. Opinions please.
I should have my 24/192 Diverter in about two weeks. I will report my findings under the thread titled Bidat vs perfectwave.
I receive the Diverter HR today. I am using it with my Mac mini, pure music 1.8a ( soon to be 1.82 soon as i download it:) my Graaf Modena and MFA Ref passive attenuator. The Dac is the MSB Power Dac. I am using a Grover huffman RCA spdif cable and a standard USB cable. The sound out of the box was quite good, if a bit thin. The thinness almost immediately went the way of the dinosaurs (about 20minutes of play/power-up time) and it is now sounding very full and full of information retrieval. I find that it is better than my "real" glass Toslink from the Mac mini to the MSB. The glass Tos is very very very good and rivaled my former very expensive FIM RCA spdif cable which I still think may be the finest spdif cable i have ever heard.

The Locus Design Cynosure cable will be in my possession sometime next week and will replace the generic USB cable now employed.

The unit is beautiful and has a dot matrix display which indicates the sampling rate.

I have it burning in for the next 5 hours and will do a little more listening tonight. I was told by Josh at Sonicweld that it will need tone run in at least a week to really open up.

I sold my EVO some time ago and may get another in order to do a head to head comparison. At this point a comparison would be from memory only but I would say it appears to be (at this point) at the very least every bit as resolute as my former EVO. That is big for two reasons. My EVO was more run-in and I was using my former FIM gold spdif from the EVO to my MSB.

This may not seem like very much info but please standby; as the unit breaks in I will report my findings but it certainly appears tobethe real deal! I feel I made a very good decision.... Oh and HRx recordings?!? Sound spooky good!
Audiofun have you tried the Emperical Audio Off Ramp to the Diverter.
No, I thought about auditioning the Offramp but honestly all the options kinda got on my nerves. What I'm hearing with the Diverter currently sounds better than anything I've yet heard and I'm still using the throw away USB cable :). I'm sure the offramp is as good as people say it is and if someone in the Chicagoland area wants to do a comparison I would be all for it. My buddy bought one (Offramp) and he LOVES IT!!!

The Diverter with about with about 40 hours on it sounds sublime. Very very musical with a great since of ease to it. The level of detail is like looking in an electron microscope but with NO clinical coldness or a-musical qualities whatsoever. I can clearly hear the hall of performances as well as the sound around the bodies of instruments or in them (I clearly hear the body of violins an it sounds real).

In comparison, the TOS out of the manic mini using the glass cable now sounds flat and uninvolving by comparison.

It still has more break in ahead of it and I still have to get a real USB cable which should arrive next week (locus design Cynosure).