Has anyone heard Piega speakers?

Has anyone heard any of the speakers in the Piega line? They are swiss made and were recommended to me. I am interested in small monitor type speakers that would go on stands in a home-office that is 12x18 with a 10 ft. ceiling. Any other recommendations? I have heard B&W 805 and am currently using JM Lab Mini-Utopias with JM Lab sub for my main system. I am also eager to hear the Spendor 3/5se speakers. Thanks.
if you have jm lab minis with the sub to match. that is very hard to beat. the piegas i heard in new york. i was not very impressed myself. you might want to consider the new utopia line . i have the nova utopias. they are awsome. far better than the older utopias. i would think the smaller ones would be awsome as well. i would recomend for your home office the new micros. i am going to get a pair for a second system. good luck .
With all due respect, a pair of small Green Mountains ($~800, easy to drive & correct sounding) might satisfy you as office speakers... and then some. There are many other choices
The nova Utopia are the present culmination of Mr J Mahul's (i.e. "JM") mania for ultimate precision and, unfortunately, require amplification & source to match. As Kirk notes, they are very good. However, the most important difference b/ween the different "sizes" of the nova Utopia line is the bottom and (to a lesser extent) the upper extension -- i.e. the bigger models will reproduce a full orchestra, the smaller boxes will simulate it (i.e. monitor style). But NONE are forgiving of anything upstream!

The floor standing Piegas are charming. For the smaller boxes an audition is recommended.
I do like the piega sound but only have listened to the p-10's and now I own the c-10ltd. I have no experience with the smaller speakers. The midrange is very revealing so those listeners who prefer a laid back presentation may not choose them. According to the other threads on piega's the system matching is critical. In my room the c-10ltds have been the best sound I have achieved.
Heard them at the show and they were not to my liking. If you own JM you will probably not like them either. The Spendors you mention would be on the opposite end of the tonal spectrum (as the piega).
Is 12x18x10 considered a small room? The Spendors are nice-but real small.
By the time the office has a desk, furniture, drapes, couch, area rug, bookshelves, CD shelves, etc., it will seem smaller. It really will be an office. I think the layout would allow me to have small speaker on stands on the short wall but I definitely don't want large speakers, not even as large as JM MIni-Utopias. And i won't need big volume in that room. I like the idea of JM Micro-Utopias (with maybe a teensy sub in a corner but I think I should also take the time to hear what else is out there.