Has anyone heard Pi speakers?

Since I have room for a cornerhorn type speaker, those Pi-7's look very interesting and, they are certainly reasonable in price. I know at first glance they look like a typical cheapo speaker but, after reading the Pi forum it appears that these speakers may be knocking on the door of high-end. Hard to tell though. Since kits are a big part of their business, most owners built them from kits. Very few have built the corner horns though and, it is difficult finding any comments on them.

Hi Neal,

I think you probably read my rather positive comments posted elsewhere on the 7Pi's. I didn't really spend time in the sweet spot so can't comment on their imaging. I would speculate that left-to-right imaging is very good, but that soundstage depth suffers. In my experience, that seems to be the case whenever speakers are flush up against the rear wall. The 7Pi's I heard in Ohio were easily the best bang-for-the-buck among big speakers that I heard at that show, and on an absolute basis were real close to the mighty Edgarhorns and Classic Audio Reproduction Hartsfields (and bettered each of them in some areas). I'd pick the 7Pi's over Klipschorns in a heartbeat - the Pi's are much smoother, very easy to listen to.
For what it's worth, I remember thinking that the theory behind these spkrs was sound...
The price-to-materials ratio is also good. I would diy them OR cosmetically & technically upgrade the stock version (with help from the manufacturer -- which they give out freely). Cheers