Has anyone heard or tried Proceed Pre& krell kst

Hi all Members,
I just bought a Used Krell(KST-100-AMP)here a month ago.Love it so much.Currently I used OPPO-980 DVD to hook up directly to AmP for temporary while looking for some USED PRE-AMP.Offcause,I Love to have KReLL Pre.BUT my $$$ is shot.Fund about $450to $800 dollars.So I have to go with some alternatives PRE.With XLR out.
#1 is Proceed PRE.
#2 is Classe 35 Pre.
#3 is ALD-1 from MCCormack.
MY systems consist of,
Krell 100 kst AMP.
Speaker: Infinity Kappa 7.1
and somes DIY interconnects.
I mainly listen to pop and classis rock.and I like slam bass,full mid,sweet hi.
Thank you for all inputs.
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I'm not familiar with the Krell amp, but I own a Proceed Pre. There's not much posted about this preamp, and what there is (that I've found), isn't highly complementary. I bought mine as a package with a Proceed Amp2 off ebay. When I first played them I was underwhelmed, and began to understand the postings. Imaging was weak and it sounded kind of harsh. I split them up and tried them with other components, and found that the Pre when combined with other amps was much better, and with Tube amps it's fantastic - especially for the $ I paid. I don't comprehend why doesn't sound better with its sister power amp. It doesn't sound bad, but I expected much more given the original list prices these sold for. BTW, the amp 2 was also better driven by another preamp.

The pre is built very well, and is feature rich. I like most things about it, but I think the message is be carful what you pair it with. It's wonderful with Tube amps (I've tried several), and it worked great with my B&K M200 mono blocks, but not as nice as my Musical Fidelity NuVista preamp. I'm not familiar with the McCormack

I once owned the Classe CP35, I would probably take the Pre over the CP35 if the price is the same, or maybe pay a little more because of the features.
Thank for your kindness inputs. Bdgregory.
I had a Proceed Pre for a brief time in my system. I found that it sounded better than expected especially for the used price. The XLR connections do allow for a more transparent and higher resolution sound.

Good luck,

Thankyou so much for your inputs. Kenk168.