has anyone heard onix reference series speakers?

I was just wondering if anyone here has heard the onix reference series of speakers from av123. They offer a 30 day demo and I was thinking about picking up a pair of the reference 1.5s (2-way, slim floorstander version of the ref 1) but was wondering if anyone had any comments about the line.
I've owned several Onix products over the years including the Ref 1. I've had nothing but good luck with their products and their customer service is great.

The Ref 1's are gorgeously finished and sound pretty darn good, too. A little thin in the bass, but it only has a 5 1/4" driver. I found the Refs to be good with female vocals, but male vocals like U2 were a tad harsh. They can be a tad bright, but some prefer a more forward sound...there is nothing wrong with that.

The Ref 1.5 should have a little more bass. The Rosewood is beautiful and would be my choice of finish. If you are current family member, then you can get a better deal usually. Keeps me coming back..:-)