Has anyone heard Ohm Acoustics 300 MK-2

I can't find any current reviews. Years past they were reviewed very favorable. That is when they were sold in HI-End shops. They were revered for there large sound stage, coherent sound and there awesome base. How do they compare now to others in this price range. $5,000 pr. They are sold only factory direct now. Would appreciate some impute.
legenday sound and build quality....need lots of ss power to perform.
I have a pair of the Ohm Walsh 5 MK-2, which is basically the same speaker as the 300, but with switches to "adjust" the sound a bit. The Walsh 5/300 is a large floor stander, make sure they will fit in your room. I believe they would sound best on a carpeted floor in a large room (at least 400sf). I tried mine in my living room stereo set-up but ran up against some mid-bass bloat with the hard-wood floors (no rugs). I use them now on a tile floor over concrete (no rugs) in my HT room downstairs with excellent results. They have excellent range and smoothness. Bass is deep but not overpowering.

I also have a pair Ohm Model I speakers that I bought new 23 years ago, just recently upgraded with new drivers. The Walsh 5 is a bit smoother and has a fuller mid-range, the Model I has more powerful bass. Top end is about the same with both.

I have yet to hear a better speaker than either of these, not to say they are not out there. I really like the Walsh 5 and I recommend all Ohm speakers (I have Sat-3 and Walsh Center Channel as well). The company is great to deal with and you have a 120 days to decide if they work for you.

I agree with the previous poster that you need some power, at least 250 watts into 4 ohms, to drive them well. Let me know if you have any more questions.

I tried a pair of them. Powerful, coherent bass. Not the tightest bass on the planet though but POWERFUL. Great coherence between bass and midrange. Huge soundstage and wide sweet-spot. The model I had came with the metal-dome tweeter. Hated that tweeter.

I also was testing the Newform Ribbons at the same time. I would fire up all the speakers and leave the house for a day or two at a time so they could break in.

The Newform's bass power was no equal for the Ohms; the Newform needed a powered sub. Nevertheless, after a couple of weeks of break-in the Newform started pulling away from the Ohm in terms of PRaT, Clarity, Imaging,Detailing and all those other good things. Plus people always thought that they were some sort of woodstove, which led to many conversations.

Thanks for the info, I have two questions if you don't mind, what size room and size of amp. did you use to listen to the Ohm speakers. I now have the Ohm 4XO, "16 years old" they have strong base but too forward in the mid-range. I was told that this is no longer the case.


The upstairs room I had them in is about 14' wide and 25' long with suspended hardwood floors, no rugs. Now I have them downstairs in the HT room which is 13' wide by 25' long, tile over concrete. I use a Parasound HCA-2200II to drive them. It is 225 watts @ 8ohms and 385 watts @ 4 ohms, peak current at about 60 amps output. It has enough power to drive them. I have tried them with the 100 watt mass produced amps just for laughs, doesn't work to well.

You can upgrade the 4XO, I tried a pair of those. I prefered the sound of the bigger Walsh 5 cabinet. I would really like to hear them in a room that was better acoustically. I know I am not getting the best out of these speakers.

Hope this helps.