Has anyone heard of ZYX cartridge from Japan?

Does anyone have any exprience or knowledge of this line of cartridges? Music Direct is selling them and they are making them sound like a great "sleeper" cartridge, but I would like to hear from individuals who know of this line.
This is supposedly the same company that made the Monster Alpha series of cartridges that are pretty highly regarded. That's about all i know / have heard about them. Sean

I had a RS30 cartridge (low output version) a while back, great detail and imaging when you take time to fine tune set-up. They are certainly worth listening to. Top-of-the-line is the R-1000. The following is a link to the specifications:


Regards, Richard.

I had a ZYX ( don't remember the model) in my system for about 4 months while I awaited delivery of a Miyabi. It was not top of the line, MSRP, if I recall correctly was around $700. It was quite good, good detail, low noisefloor, reasonable bass that was not quite as tight as some. Overall I'd say it was a somewhat warm and musical cartridge, certainly not forward in presentation. My most immediate comparison was to the $4K Miyabi, which is a tremendous cartridge. That notwithstanding, the ZYX was was surprisingly good, particularly at it's price point, and my overall impression was strongly favorable. Setup at that time was a Basis 2500, Graham 2.2 and Klyne series 7 phonostage.
I own a Zyx R 1000 and a Miyabi.It depends on the phonostage to get the last Detail out. The main difference is, the Miyabi is the best I ever listened to and the Zyx is a very good cartridge.
The difference is in the Detail.The Miyabi is magic.NEVER heard anything which comes close to it.
The Zyx is a conventional design, it amplifies the music signal like all other cartridges do. Very good, very precise and very dynamic.
I like it, too.