Has anyone heard of Volti Audio?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone had heard of Volti Audio?
I am going to be received my pair soon and was wondering if anyone has heard these? I have read nothing but wonderful things about Volti Audio and its owner Greg Roberts. I hope they sound as good as they look.
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Yes, I have. What speakers did you get and how are they?
Hi. Sorry I didn't get back to this thread. I have Volti Audios Vittoras V1. They are the highest 'iteration' of the Klipsch LaScala that exists. The sound and looks are out of this world. Greg Roberts makes his own horns that have a tractrix flare with a Fc of 260. The tweeter is a Ciare 1.26. Mine is finished in Figured Koa.

But, I am putting them up for sale, as he has developed the Vittora 2, now just known as the Vittora. They are a totally Horn loaded speaker. He showed them at the Capital Audio Fest, and he just got back from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, where he received rave reviews from the listeners, and from reviewers alike. He already has a 'Hot Product' and 'Best of Show' from AudioBeat. He is sending a pair to the online audio publication Dagago shortly to be reviewed. He was going to just let Dagogo have the pair he had at RMAF, but that pair sold to a man from Chicago.

The Vittoras, V2, is totally Volti Audio's own design. It has a bass/midbass mouth that is 32" wide by 27" tall, and is 27" deep. The sound is incredible. The mids are covered with his Fc 260 tractrix horn, with a BMS 4592nd mid compression driver for the best midrange sound in the world, and I am not lying. I have the same mids in my V1s. The tweeter is the Beyma CP25, they have the 'baby cheek' horn flare for stellar dispersion.

And if these are not the best looking cabinets, and best built, I truly will 'eat my hat'. The front is 32" wide and curves to the back, which is 15 inches wide. I invite you to check them out on the Volti Audio site.
I have had some dealings with Greg Roberts. I have never heard his speakers, but have purchased some of his horns and drivers. I have nothing but good things to say about the products and my dealings. I'm sure your Vittora's are beautiful. I might even have seen them on his website.
By the way, did you ever sell those Crites CW1526C woofers? If not, I'd like them. Let me know. Thanks.
gregg dot crowley @ cape dot com
how much r u selling your v1's for?
Just heard them at Capfest 2013.
Best of show.
I want them. They had it all. Amazing dynamics, speed , extension and gorgeous tone. Imaged like a mfucker, they just disappear! What is left is a gorgeous huge sonic landscape that will immerse you in a pool of beauty.Amazing. I am still high!
Could possibly be the best sound I have heard at any show.

That Border Patrol amp is simply amazing as well, one of the best tube amps I ever heard, it does it all I could find no faults at all, Just Beauty.
Volti will go far, they ain't cheap but they are worth it.
@Mmattera I agree, I heard that system also at Capfest and it was spectacular....I thought Classic Audio speakers were interesting also driven by Atmashpere and Allnic....and PAD. What tonality and presence...blew me away on saturday so I had to come back for more on Sunday.

Enormous speakers, once you put those in there is no going back!
I was at Capfest as well on Saturday.
In Volti room they had two pairs of speakers- one based on Klipschorn and the other was two-piece design, and that's the one they played. It sounded way too bright to me.
Classic Audio had terrible ground loop noise in the system when I was there, I couldn't really stay.
The best I heard at that show was DejaVu Audio vintage system- very very good. But I thought it was too expensive for what it is- $50K for the speakers? I understand vintage drivers can be expensive, but the build quality wasn't $50 K.
Same goes for the preamp and amps- I think $14K and 13K respectively. But again, the sound was MUCH better, than some $100+ systems for sure.
I also liked Tidal Sunrays and Harbeth room.
"What tonality and presence”

You said it Pops! I heard them at a show too. Even though the audition was much too brief, if I had the room, they might very well be the end of the road.

Maril555, I heard the two-piece design too. While I wasn’t put off by them, they were nothing like the Vittora’s.
Here's a link, I'd love to hear these as well.
Phaelon you are right! I wonder how big a room you need? I was most impressed by the Hartfields - the big ones on the end (although they were all big). That was the closest I have heard to live music from a loudspeaker!
I made the time to leave our room quickly to check out the Volti room at CAF, too. The Vittoras were stunning - especially with the subs added in. I have no affiliation with them (I didn't get to talk with Greg because he was busy with customers), but I stayed for about 10 minutes and walked away believing that the Vittoras were worth their asking price. There were a few other rooms had speakers that cost much more, and they sounded pretty bad in comparison. ;-)