Has anyone heard of this "Black Box"

Hello Audiogoners,I was wondering if anyone in the forum has heard of a"Black Box" called the ADE-24 by Julian Margules? It is used between the cd players analog outs and the receiver and is supposed to make for a smoother more refined analog like sound.Hopefully someone out there has one and can describe how it works and how they like it. Any info I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Where did you here of this?
I picked up information on the web and went to Margulesaudio.com and read about the unit, but would like to know more, hopefully from someone who has owned or heard the unit.From what I gather,it can be bought for around $250.00 and is said to have excellent sound for the money.I was hoping to get first hand feedback at this forum.
Try the audioasylum.com site - it might help.
Yes, the magazine Audiophile Voice reviewed it and liked it. Back issues are available at audiophilevoice.com.
Audioheaven.com is a dealer and has them in stock for 190 including shipping. He is sending me one to try out.
Outstanding!!! If you would Ljgj,keep me(us) posted here and tell the forum about what this unit sounds like.I am personally excited about this because this might be the unit I would be interested in for my system. Thanks again
I just received the unit and hooked it up through the processor loop to do A/B comparisons. I am using four CD units - 3 are coming through a Chord Dac 64 as transports - they are - the Electrocompaniet - (a Pioneer Mega changer and a Mcintosh 7008 6 disc changer through the 64 via a GW Labs jitter device). I also have a tube Shanling unit not coming through the 64. This setup will give me an idea if it is worthwhile having with any or all units. I will post more as I listen. My first impression is I kind of like it - not saying yet that it is really better if that makes sense. My preamp is the Mcintosh C2200 tube unit - the amp is a Mcintosh 352. The speakers hooked up now are the Martin Logan Odysseys. I will also try it with my Legacy Focus 20/20 and VMPS RM 40's.
keep us posted. I use the Ade-24 and I like it very much. You might want to make a little experiment. Use it for a while and get used to the sound, then disconnect it and I bet you will return it immediately to the path!
I have used this shoebox sized piece of equipment in my system for close to two years. It's hooked in between my Symphonic Line tube pre-amp and my Naim 3.5 CDP. As Joaq4 said, I'm also betting that you'll find that it becomes a required link in your system. It's effect is somewhat hard to pin down...to my ears the bass becomes more tuneful, there's less digitalitis coming from that silver disc, everything becomes more listenable. For the price, it's been the "biggest bang for the buck" item I have purchased (outside of my Denon 103D phono cartridge).
The back box is no longer in my main system but was moved to my second system where it fits in pretty good. It could not beat out the Peavey Kosmos or the Ortho Spectrum AR 2000. Of couse these do cost more. The Peavey is 250 and the Ortho I bought used for 275. The Peavey is by far the better unit of them all.
I will sell this unit for 150.