Has anyone heard of Sankyo cassette decks?

There’s a sankyo cassette deck on reverb, and it looks very nice. Has anyone every had experience with those?

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@petg66 wow, I didn’t know that. I went ahead and bought the sankyo today. Sounds really great, and doesn’t have any trouble playing or recording or rewinding.
@edcyn uh huh. I found a sankyo tape deck at a local thrift store. $35. I brought a tape today and tried it out, and it sounded really good, actually. Wasn’t expecting that. 
I think I’m gonna go back tomorrow and pull the trigger.
@fiesta75 I had to fix a Nak LX5, and it was so hard to find replacement parts. 
It was also very crowded under the shell. Those things have so many knobs and switches.

Yeah, I think it is. I made a mixtape tonight (I know, who still does that) and it really sounded phenomenal. I like how it also has L and R mic inputs on the front for recording live music.