Has anyone heard of Sankyo cassette decks?

There’s a sankyo cassette deck on reverb, and it looks very nice. Has anyone every had experience with those?
I just remember Sankyo as being one of the cheapest, most bargain basement, dime store brand names I've ever come across. I have no idea if it was/is actually any good.
@edcyn uh huh. I found a sankyo tape deck at a local thrift store. $35. I brought a tape today and tried it out, and it sounded really good, actually. Wasn’t expecting that. 
I think I’m gonna go back tomorrow and pull the trigger.
@petg66 wow, I didn’t know that. I went ahead and bought the sankyo today. Sounds really great, and doesn’t have any trouble playing or recording or rewinding.
Don't really know much about Sankyo decks, but they did make mechanisms for Nakamichi. The only cassette decks I would consider have 3 heads. If it has 3 heads and it sounds good, I would consider it. I just saw a working Nakamichi Dragon sell for $6k used. My brothers Nak 700 sold for $350 to a guy in Russia, in not working condition. Remember old cassette decks need TLC, could be expensive to service. I could not find parts for my brothers deck, so that's why it was sold.
@fiesta75 I had to fix a Nak LX5, and it was so hard to find replacement parts. 
It was also very crowded under the shell. Those things have so many knobs and switches.
Yes, but the electronics is what makes them sooo good! The mechanical parts are very hard to find. Is the Sankyo a 3 head deck?

Yeah, I think it is. I made a mixtape tonight (I know, who still does that) and it really sounded phenomenal. I like how it also has L and R mic inputs on the front for recording live music.