Has anyone heard of non-directional Sonab speakers

There is a set (5 speakers) of Sonab speakers on the local CL. These are mid-90s box type speakers, not the classical omni-directional Sonabs. I can find zero information about them on the web. Has anyone herd of these speakers ( Models B-64, SAT900 and CS-100)? Are they worth a darn? Worth $200 for all 5? The guy said he bought them in Canada. The pictures on the speakers say Made in Sweden. But were these cheapo speakers using the Sonab name to sell a few or a worthwhile attempt that never took off?

Thanks in advance,

"...non-directional..."? Do you mean multi-directional?
He means not omni-directional, i.e. your standard forward-firing speakers...

RW is correct, standard box speakers. I went to see them. As I suspected, JSW was using the Sonab name on plain jane box speakers. These were the bottom of the line. Nothing speacial so I passed on them. They are on the Ann Arbor CL if anyone is interested.